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Welcome students to lesson 1 – Event CAD planning. 

As Peter would have mentioned, implement social distancing-friendly infrastructure and policies is a must to create safety around in-person events, since COVID19, things have changed drastically. The procedure and requirements in planning events has significantly changed over the past few months.
So why is CAD planning so important right now?
Event coordinators, guests & setup staff require accurate plans, Event CAD software enables event planners to build accurate event floor plans. You’re a planner using CAD technology; You need an event mock-up fast; You design multiple events simultaneously. Often various departments require the Event CAD’s, such as Royal Easter Show with fire departments require CAD’s which notate all emergency evacuation points, fire sprinklers etc. These drawings serve as the information hub – connecting clients, vendors, and technicians to make sure everyone is on the same page.
Event planners need to create professional and streamlined event floor plan layouts such as dinners, conferences and cocktail events. 

Why event planners use CAD plans?
Event planners can often spend hours researching whether or not a venue will be suitable for their needs.
By providing event visualisation, you can deliver on the event experience, plan events faster, easier and more accurately.
It’s now more important than ever to deliver an exceptional personalised experience to your potential customer — no matter if it’s a simple board meeting or an elaborate wedding. 
An event CAD can be compared to sheet music that everyone is singing from. You, your team, your client, the venue and the fire marshal will all be on the same page

How does it work?
EventDraw (that you will be using today) is drag and drop 2D & 3D software. Our team have setup the templates (venue function spaces or outdoor site plans) and customise smart shapes (furniture and equipment).
This allows you, the event planner to ‘drag and drop’ the shapes onto the plan to create accurate, to-scale floor plan layout.
Venues, setup staff & clients require this service and business owners need this because labour is reduced, your setup staff can easily understand the plans therefore significantly reducing event setup times. Shuffling equipment is a thing of the past.


Gone are the days of drawing by hand and having to “pin” images together to present your vision to your clients!

Social Distancing is “oh” so important!


Looking at the floor plan below of Ryde TAFE Ballrom. A return to normalcy is to implement social distancing-friendly infrastructure and policies to create safety around in-person events. The events and hospitality industries are understandably eager to resume organizing in-person gatherings, and some venues are already working hard on making that happen as soon as possible. 

If successful, this event could lead to others. However, social distancing will force venues to operate at an estimated 20-40% capacity, and the cost of implementing a socially distant event could be prohibitively expensive. So, in saying that, in order to justify operating at such a low capacity, traditional business models will have to change. Looking at Ryde TAFE Ballroom, we would like to know pre & post COVID19 requirements using a Theatre Style Plan

At big, busy events, the halls can be like trying to walk a block at the New Orleans Mardi Gras. Walking 100 meters through the throng of revellers can take an hour. It’s jam-packed…….. now, how does 2020 and COVID impact this scenario.


Over the next few weeks you will learn:

*What are Event CAD’s and why we use them
*Understand various CAD software
*Determine elements on CAD’s
*Create an event CAD plan.
*Save plans as PDF format and send to clients/others
*Exporting ratio’s
*COVID19 CAD plans setup to legal requirements
*Build Event layouts within a strict time frame 
*COVID19 layering
*3D Event CAD’s
*Create entry / exit clearance areas
*Multiple point development
*Entertainment performances and density requirements.

Lesson 1
“Something Unique”


Looking at the above Ryde Function Space
– Prepare a plan using any layout of your choice. Image Peter Seabrook asked you to prepare Ryde TAFE function room available for an event.
This event is of your choice, dinner, exhibition, cocktail etc. The choice is yours, social distancing is NOT required for this event.
To Start:
Click Login – Enter your username and Password
Select Ryde TAFE Ballroom using the “Templates” dropdown menu (refer image below)
Create your layout – any layout without
Ensure all plans are exported to .PNG or .JPEG. (From EventDraw, please Choose File then “Export as PNG or JPEG”)
Naming the plan (Your First Name & Surname Followed by Event Name & Venue Name) e.g John Smith Cocktail Plan Sydney Convention Centre
Save Export the plan to .PNG or JPEG format and upload : Please upload to dropbox Here 

For ideas on sample plans

CAD for Events Lesson 1

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