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How to Lead Virtual Meetings Effectively

How to Lead Virtual Meetings Effectively

Enhancing virtual meetings!

As a professional event planner, you aim to effectively lead virtual meetings with your event planning team and clients. You want to ensure that you can strategically collaborate with them as efficiently as it would have been in a face-to-face meeting.

This, therefore, requires you to consider several principles that can help you lead virtual meetings in the best way possible. 

One of the keys that can help you achieve this significant goal is to acquire an impressive Event Diagramming software that can create elegant and stylish event floor designs that creatively match your client’s requirements and demands.

Are you now considering improving your virtual meetings and showing off the venue without inviting them on-site? Do you want to make your virtual meetings more fun for your participants and make them feel like you are all meeting together? 

Here are some tips for virtual meetings that can innovate and enhance your way of leading virtual meetings online.

Identify Your Desired Outcome

Define the main purpose of your virtual meeting. 

For example, “Virtual Visit for your Venue,” or “Floor Plan Final Designs.” 

As an Event Planner, you may find it necessary to coordinate these desired outcomes with your team and your clients before your virtual meeting. This enables all of you to maintain your focus and not be easily distracted by your surroundings. Knowing precisely what the meeting is trying to accomplish can pave the way for meaningful participation and engagement of all concerns.

Identify Your Agenda

Event Planning is a managerial and organizational task that requires a well-developed strategic and project plan. 

Identifying and creating your agenda will help you manage the flow and success of your meeting. This ensures where the meeting is headed and for what purpose. Of course, do not forget to put a timeline on it. Your virtual meeting shall be bound by time. This creates a professional and organized atmosphere. Furthermore, make sure to share it with all attendees before the official start of your virtual meeting.

Facilitate Your Virtual Meeting Effectively

Make your virtual meeting more invigorating through good facilitation. Getting more interaction with better outcomes depends on effective facilitation. This includes taking advantage of the features available in your virtual meeting platforms. Be skillful in using these features and orient your attendees on their function and significance. During the meeting, be attentive to their responses and call them by name. 

If there are confidential topics that your attendees would want to address, invite them to chat with you privately. There are virtual meeting platforms that have this feature. 

When your attendees give their ideas, listen carefully and do not interrupt. This will show them respect and will pave the way for better collaboration.

Use Webcams and Microphone Devices Strategically

Your webcam defines the face of your presence and appearance during your virtual meeting. When you let other attendees see you, you make them feel more comfortable communicating with you. This principle applies to the rest of the attendees. Gestures and facial expressions speak more than what the words can express, and understanding this form of communication creates a big impact in making your virtual meeting enjoyable and successful.

Have An Action Plan

Your action plan defines the essence of your virtual meeting. It sheds light on the raised issues and concerns and provides a solution. This includes specific tasks that have to be accomplished, including its prerequisites. Duration and date of completion, and name of the accountable person should also be clarified. This action plan provides a clear foundation for achieving the target goals and objectives of the virtual meeting.

Use Appropriate Software

There’s a lot of applications that you can use for Virtual Meetings. For your video conferencing, to make it simple and easy to connect online with your clients, You can use Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype.

You can also use Event Diagramming Software. With this tool, your client can get a real sense of how the space will look and feel for the event you’re organizing. Your client can envision the event, such as the design of the floor plan, and number of tables, and can see the inventory, etc., without coming to the venue. 

This is something you can discuss through a virtual meeting. This software can efficiently put all your smart tools, ideas, and designs together in a creative way. It incorporates beautiful and sophisticated 3D Floor plans and diagrams to transform your creative power into artistic and elegant event floor plan designs.

So it has been emphasized that Virtual meetings can be as effective and meaningful as in-person meetings if you can strategically plan and effectively conduct them online. 

If you want to learn the most proficient and excellent event floor plan diagramming software. You can have the Free Trial with us. 

Learn more about the Benefits of Event Diagramming Software and how it can help you even better to achieve a successful event and virtual meetings.

Your Ultimate Checklist for Perfect Seating Arrangements

Your Ultimate Checklist for Perfect Seating Arrangements

The importance of seating arrangements:

Event planning can be a stressful process, especially when it comes to seating arrangements. Whether it’s a wedding, conference, or gala, seating arrangements may be essential at your next event.

A well-planned seating arrangement can enhance the guest experience and create a positive atmosphere, while a poorly planned arrangement can confuse attendees.

To ensure a successful event, it’s essential to have a seating arrangement checklist.

white table seating

Here’s a comprehensive checklist for event planner:

In this blog post, we’ll explore a seating arrangement checklist, covering the essential elements that event planners need to consider when planning seating arrangements for any event. 

Whether you’re a seasoned event planner or new to the game, this checklist will help you stay organized and ensure a successful event. 

So, let’s dive in and explore the key elements of a seating arrangement checklist

    1. Determine the event type: The event will determine the seating arrangement. For example, a wedding may have round tables with assigned seating, while a conference may have theater-style seating.
    2. Estimate the attendees: Knowing the number of attendees will help you determine the number of tables and chairs needed for the event.
    3. Create a seating chart: A seating chart will help you organize the seating arrangement and ensure that attendees are seated appropriately. This is especially important for events with assigned seating.
    4. Consider the venue: The size and layout of the venue will impact the seating arrangement. For example, if the venue is small, you may need to opt for theater-style seating to accommodate more attendees.
    5. Determine the table size and shape: Round tables are standard for events, but rectangular and square tables may be more appropriate for specific events. Choose a size and shape that will fit comfortably in the space.
    6. Decide on the seating arrangement: There are several seating arrangements, including banquet, theater-style, classroom-style, and U-shaped. Choose the configuration that best fits the type of event and the number of attendees.
    7. Assign seating: If you are assigning seats, create a system for assigning seats and communicate the system clearly to attendees.
    8. Consider accessibility: Ensure the seating arrangement is accessible for all attendees, including those with disabilities.
    9. Plan for extra seating: Plan for extra seating in case additional attendees show up.
    10. Have a backup plan: If the seating arrangement needs to be changed at the last minute, have a backup plan.
white table seating with chandelier

Streamlining seating arrangement made easy!

Are you tired of manually creating seating arrangements for your events? Then, let EventDraw simplify the process for you! 

Sign up for EventDraw today and enjoy an intuitive and efficient way to design and manage seating arrangements. 

With its drag-and-drop interface, accurate space measurement, 3D visualization capabilities, collaboration tools, and time-saving features, EventDraw is the perfect solution for event planners and venue owners looking to create stunning and memorable seating arrangements. 

Try EventDraw today and take your event planning to the next level!

The Event Planner’s Secret Weapon – Time Management

The Event Planner’s Secret Weapon – Time Management

Let’s talk about Event Planner’s Time Management

Are you super busy to the point of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by your activities and responsibilities as an Event Planner?

If you’re nodding your head, don’t worry. We’ve got you. You’re not alone! We’ve all been there.

This is why we created EventDraw, a Time-Saving Solution for busy Venues and Events Planners that helps you stay on top of your admin so that you can get back to doing what you love: planning events!


Learning to manage your time effectively can help you not only get more done, but also keep your sanity in a profession with lots of moving parts and unexpected twists and turns.

In this blog, we’ll learn how to better with time management so that you can deliver your events and have more time to relax and enjoy a job well done.

How could you effectively and efficiently manage your time? 

Well, here are some ideas to consider:

Define Your Vision

The first step in effective time management as an event planner is to define your vision. The vision is the endpoint you want to reach, and it should be specific, measurable, and realistic. 

For example, if you want to grow your event business by increasing revenue by 15% next year, that’s a great goal—but it doesn’t help you focus on what needs to happen next month or even tomorrow. 

Your vision for the future should be something like:

Setting a clear vision for yourself and your business helps you stay focused on what matters most right now to accomplish short-term goals that are part of that overall vision.

Work S.M.A.R.T

When planning an event, it’s important to set your goals that are S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound).

If you work S.M.A.R.T., you’ll be able to identify precisely what the task at hand is, how long it will take, what needs to happen for it to be completed successfully and when it needs to be completed.

S: Specific

Keep your attention on a single task at a time, and make sure it’s realistic. If you don’t have the resources to actually complete what you’re working on, move on to something else.

M: Measurable

When it comes to measuring the results of your work, don’t just ask yourself if you completed everything—ask if it was done well and whether or not it helped you achieve your goals.

A: Achievable

If you don’t have the time and resources to complete something, don’t try! Instead, consider how much time and money would be required before moving on to another project instead of throwing yourself into an impossible task so quickly.

R: Relevant

Make sure that the things on your plate are relevant to what’s going on in your business right now and will help move things forward in a positive direction. Don’t waste time doing things that won’t make any difference at all!

T: Time-Bound

You need to know your goals and how much time you have to ensure they’re realistic. Set boundaries between work and personal life.

Be Panctual

It’s easy to let time slip away when you’re having so much fun organising an event, but being on time is important for various reasons.

First, it shows your clients that you take their time seriously. It shows them that you respect their schedules and understand their time’s value. If they know they can count on you to be on time, they’ll feel more at ease with you as a planner and trust you more.

Second, punctuality lets your vendors know you’re serious about getting the job done right. If a vendor knows you’re on time, he or she will be more likely to show up on time too!

And if one vendor is late, maybe another one will be early enough to take up the slack? 

Make sure everyone knows what’s expected of them by being punctual yourself—and then watch your event come together like clockwork.

Avoid Procastination and Make Sure You Make the Best Use of Your Time 

To be an efficient event planner, you must avoid “Procrastination”.

Putting off a task till later is an example of procrastination. This can be harmful because it takes away from the time you have to do other tasks.

Procrastination can also cause stress because you don’t want to deal with the task. You may feel like you’re wasting time or that there’s no point in starting it now when the deadline is so far away.

When dealing with a task that seems too difficult or unpleasant, it helps you stand back and recall why you agreed to take it on. 

Remind yourself why this is important by writing down your goals for each event and revisiting them often throughout the process (and even after).

Make sure every task has been broken down into smaller steps so they don’t seem overwhelming anymore! This will help with procrastination and stress levels while keeping things organized and manageable.

Identify Possible Risks

As an event planner, you will likely encounter many risks. Some are common, while others are specific to your industry. To effectively manage your time as an event planner, you should be aware of these risks and have contingency plans in place for them.

Risks can include:

  • Lack of Planning and Delivery Time
  • Inadequate Space
  • Poor Attendee Experience
  • Poorly Executed Logistics

Work-Life Balance

Event planning is demanding, and it can be hard to find time for yourself. The key to managing your time is to ensure you have a strong system for tracking your tasks and responsibilities so that you know what needs to be done, when and where.

You should also try to keep a clean desk by keeping clutter off and only keeping what you need on there. You can also use tools like a whiteboard or wall calendar to help keep track of upcoming events and have a planner or organizer where you can write down notes from meetings and phone calls.

Communicate Effectively

When planning any type of event, you need to be able to communicate with clients, vendors, and designers. You also need to know how to communicate with other employees in your company.

It is important that you have good communication skills so that you can have effective time management as an event planner. If you cannot communicate well, it will be difficult for you to complete projects on time and within budget.

You should ensure that you are clear about what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed. 

This will help ensure that there are no misunderstandings between yourself and any other parties involved in the project, such as suppliers or contractors working on-site during set-up or breakdown periods; or those who may not have been included in initial discussions but still need information before they can proceed with their work (e.g., caterers).

It’s also important for all parties involved (e.g., clients) to understand what is expected from them; this includes providing enough information about their requirements so that there aren’t any surprises later on down the line (such as additional costs).

EventDraw - The Must-have easy to use time-saving solutions for venues and events
As an event planner, part of your tasks is to create floor plans. While they can be very time consuming to create, they are also vital to your success.

Event diagramming software is a tool that makes creating floor plans much easier. It allows you to create and edit your floor plan without worrying about all the technical details involved in making them work properly.

It is much faster than pen and paper because it saves you time by not having to draw every detail of your floor plan before printing it out.

The software will allow you to import images into the program and add them to your floor plan. The program will then automatically convert these images into vector graphics so that they are easy for the eye to see on a computer screen or print out for reference later in the process.

On top of that, it creates beautiful 3D floor plans, charts, and diagrams within a short period of time! 

EventDraw has a solution for this problem!

Book for a Free Consultation

EventDraw is an event diagramming software that can help you create beautiful floor plans in no time. The software is user-friendly and straightforward—perfect for anyone new to diagramming software.

Meet EventDraw: An Australian-made Revolution in Event Floor Planning

Meet EventDraw: An Australian-made Revolution in Event Floor Planning

Revolutionizing the Cost and Efficiency of Event Floor Planning

Event floor planning experts, Visio Group, have made a significant stride with their latest cloud-based floor plan software application, EventDraw.

This cutting-edge software revolutionizes the cost and efficiency of their existing system, which is already trusted by thousands of clients in Australia and around the world. Event floor planning plays a critical role in determining optimal set-ups, maximum capacities, and ultimately, revenues. It is also vital for delivering exceptional client service. However, navigating the world of event floor planning software can be complex and confusing.

Should you opt for CAD?

Can AV meet your needs?

Do you even need software at all when you can simply rely on a tape measure?

Let’s delve into a better solution.

Why CAD Software Isn’t the Answer

Jay Laybutt, Visio Group Director, sheds light on the misconception surrounding CAD software. He explains, “Often we hear, ‘we have or need CAD software.’ This is absolutely misleading. CAD software is used for designing an Airbus A380, a Boeing Dreamliner, building a tunnel, designing a building, or designing a new car.” Laybutt emphasizes the complexity of CAD software and highlights the major advantage of Visio’s solution: ease of use. With approximately 30 minutes of training, clients can create detailed floor plans using Visio, whereas CAD software demands hundreds of hours of training and falls short in comparison. Laybutt also cautions that incorrect setup in CAD can lead to inaccurate floor plans, causing venues to underestimate their maximum capacities by up to 30 percent. This underestimation can significantly impact revenue potential.

A floor plan for Doltone House

Eventdraw-floor-plan-Doltone House- Jones Bay Wharf Floor Plan

Maximizing Revenue Potential with Accurate Floor Planning

Venues often underestimate their maximum capacities, leading to missed revenue opportunities. For instance, just one extra table seating 10 people, at a venue hosting an average of four events per week, could generate an additional $270,000 per year. Relying on traditional methods like tape measures can be time-consuming, inaccurate, and requires repeating the process for each new event.

EventDraw offers a superior solution.

Introducing EventDraw: A Game-Changing Cloud-Based Software

EventDraw is the result of six and a half years of meticulous development by Visio Group. It takes the best elements of Visio’s Microsoft-based product, which has been refined over two decades, and brings it to the cloud. This move makes the software more accessible, efficient, cost-effective, and faster than ever before. You can even try the software here and experience its transformative capabilities firsthand.

Visio Group’s software can also be used to create floor plans for outdoor spaces

3D stage plan

Cost-Effective and Easy Setup

Gone are the days of expensive licenses and complicated setups. With EventDraw, the pricing is based on the number of templates required by an organization, rather than the number of users. This pricing model has drastically reduced the cost to approximately 0.07 cents per user. Moreover, the cloud-based nature of the software has significantly reduced the setup time, allowing clients to get up and running swiftly.

Streamlined User Experience and Eliminating Outsourcing

EventDraw offers a user-friendly interface that enables users to create millimeter-accurate floor plans effortlessly. It provides access to an extensive inventory of around 3,900 furniture items directly from suppliers like Sydney Prop Specialists and Decorative Events and Exhibitions. With such comprehensive resources at hand, there is no longer a need to outsource floor plans to the AV department. Event coordinators can swiftly create and share floor plans, collaborate with AV technicians, and even allow wedding venues to assign guests to seats on a live electronic floor plan. The software’s intelligence and efficiency save time and enhance client reputation by eliminating unnecessary delays and miscommunication.

Try EventDraw here.

A sample plan for Merivale

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

“If any of our clients were asking for [floor plans], we’d just do a really quick sketch — just drawing it out on a piece of paper and just letting them know. But then we had a client actually come to us and say, ‘We need a proper software PDF floor plan.’ It’s fairly easy, fairly simple, fairly straight to the point. Anyone can use it if they’re not tech-savvy. That’s the one thing I was really scared about – I didn’t want to get software that I had to really think much for. I just wanted to go into the website or the program, do what I had to do and just print it off or send it to the client straight away and not really have to think about it.”

Lorena Garofalo, Quay West Suites Melbourne

“If you don’t have a floor plan, you can’t really deliver the event. It’s also imperative for us to use it to direct people to where they need to go. I don’t use it as much for drawing up room layouts, but in order to say, ‘Okay, you need to walk from P1 to the front of the dome.’ To say that to someone that hasn’t been here before, they’re like, ‘Well, where is that?’ Whereas if you can just quickly mock it up on Visio and send it, they’re [like], ‘Oh okay, yes, that makes sense.’ You can come up with a million ideas but everything’s to scale, so once you drop it on a floor plan everyone knows exactly what fits and what doesn’t.”

Natalie Luzi and Melissa Goodman, Sydney Showground

“One of the other things is, we deal with a wide range or clientele — people that do draw in CAD and send us plans all the way down to people who don’t have anything to put a plan together. So sometimes the girls will put that in onto one of our plans through Visio — simple stuff — so we’re doing that service for them.”

Bernie Serone, Sydney Showground

“What we love about them is we take over quite quickly these spaces and as soon as we contact them we’ve got the floor plan within 24 hours. That team, I think they’re well and truly part of our furniture. Their floor plan requirements in their software is exactly what we need. We haven’t ever had to step outside of that or use someone else’s services. We needed more to-scale event and floor plans. Each one of our venues is so different and unique — they use different shapes and our clients require to-the-tee measurements of the floor plans and the shapes that we have onsite. Our sort of style [of] events and weddings do not allow you to be complacent or lazy when it comes to their floor plans.

They’re a credit to the industry and we’re certainly lucky to have them as part of our contacts for our floor plans because they make it so easy. It can get extremely stressing, especially with the sort of services and requests that we require — they’re always onto it and nothing’s ever an issue for them, which is great. It does put us on a level of professionalism when we can produce a proper floor plan and certainly one to scale, so quickly, especially with quick turnovers and takeovers of venues, it just goes to show how much we truly care about our [clients] and our floor plans and making sure that whatever the client wants within the space can fit. Especially the sort of style events that we do, we have to make sure and illustrate to the client that it can actually fit on the plan.”

Jane Saliba, The Venues Collection

Best Event Venues in Australia

Best Event Venues in Australia

Are you planning to hold an event in Australia? Do you want it to be something special?

You are certainly interested in learning more about its most beautiful spots and event places where you can convene meetings, celebrations, and other important occasions.

If so, you should consider the list of the best venues for your event in Australia.

The country boasts many beautiful places that can serve as excellent venues for any event.

You can choose from a wide range of venues, including hotels, banquet halls, convention centres and more.

Whether it is a wedding reception, business meeting or birthday party, we’re sure that you will find this blog helpful.

In this blog, we’ve gathered 10 best event venues in Australia that are perfect for any occasion! 

Let’s dive into the list!

1. Royal Melbourne Hotel

This event space resembles historical features and contemporary architectural designs where you can hold your social gatherings and celebrations.

It has five (5) diverse event function spaces which offer a buzzy atmosphere from simple occasions to corporate events. 

It offers plenty of characters and modern-style amenities that accommodate twelve (12) to one thousand two hundred (1200) people. 

Its gorgeous glass-enclosed space offers a naturally warm ambience that can make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. 

There is also an impressively unique social entertainment space where you can enjoy your special celebrations and informal and intimate events with your loved ones.

Best Event Venues in Australia

2. The Greek Club

The Greek Club is one of the best places in Queensland to host an event, thanks to its 11 flexible function rooms, expert hospitality staff, and breathtaking panoramas of the Brisbane skyline.

This event space bears a resemblance to traditional Greek or modern Australian menus. It has a creative multi-functional venue that can be transformed to cater to different types of events and celebrations.

The Greek Club’s impressiveness is further highlighted by our world-class variety of food and beverage packages, which feature appetizing Greek, modern Australian, and international dishes, as well as a complimentary selection of beverages explicitly curated for your event’s needs.

Best Event Venues in Australia

 3. The Tea Room

The Tea Room at The Queen Victoria Building is a gorgeous event space for formal celebrations. You’ll feel like you’re in a palace when you enter this palatial venue, with its elegant chandeliers and luxurious detailing.

With three hundred (300) invitees, you can have an unforgettable wedding ceremony or formal celebration here. The service is also excellent—the staff is friendly and professional, and they know how to ensure your guests are taken care of.

Whether it’s your wedding day or the annual dinner for your favourite charity, The Tea Room at The Queen Victoria Building is an ideal place to host your gathering.

Best Event Venues in Australia

4. Wisteria Room with Lawn

If you are in love with nature and are planning to have your event outdoors, then this event space is for you. 

It is surrounded by green pastures, beautiful ponds, and ornamental lakes that create a relaxing ambiance and peaceful scenery. It can accommodate up to seven hundred (700) invitees and offers elegant indoor spaces for all types of occasions with unlimited free parking spaces. 

They offer flavoursome and delicious feasts and wines that can satisfy the cravings of your guests. They tailor their food packages based on their guests’ preferences, which adds to their enjoyment and satisfaction.

Best Event Venues in Australia

5. Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts

InterContinental Hotels and Resorts are passionate about delivering an exceptional experience for their guests. They believe a unique event deserves a fantastic location.

This venue offers five (5) luxury event spaces at the centre of Perth’s business district. Their Gallery Meeting Suites offer a corporate setting best for meeting conferences, workshops, and team lunches or dinners. The Loft, on the other hand, collaborates the beautiful outdoor scenery through their breathtaking terrace with their sophisticated indoor spaces.

They also offer Exclusive Restaurant Events that are perfect for social gatherings, intimate celebrations, and other special occasions.

Best Event Venues in Australia

6. Botanic House

This event space resembles modern architectural designs and is surrounded by botanical gardens, awesome trees, and beautiful landscapes. 

It is located at the centre of Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden and offers its guests and customers a remarkable and relaxing dining experience. 

Its Master Chef creatively incorporates modern Asian Cuisine with Australian flavours making it more immensely rich and diverse. 

Its gorgeous surroundings are perfect as a stunning backdrop for intimate and large social gatherings.

These event venues, therefore, show how they can turn your special occasion into a remarkable one!

Best Event Venues in Australia

7.  Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

If you plan to organize a large event with thousands of attendees, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre is the best for you. 

It is located near Yarra River in south-central Victoria, Australia and is known for great concerts, exhibits and shows. 

Because of its vast and very spacious floor area of more than 3000 sqm, it can cater to and accommodate any style of event. Hence, you can customize and make great designs incorporating your ideas and event themes while providing your large number of guests with an immersive and astonishing experience.

Best Event Venues in Australia

8. Brisbane Powerhouse

This event space is the largest arts complex in Australia and is home to contemporary culture. It has two main theatres, three performance halls, art galleries, bars, restaurants, and corporate function rooms and can accommodate more than 500 people. 

Hundreds of events are being held in this space each year, not to mention celebrity concerts, musical entertainment, and comedy shows. On top of that, its iconic building has a perfect river view in Brisbane.

Best Event Venues in Australia

9. Sydney Town Hall

This event space is treasured as one of the oldest survivors in the 19th-century halls in Australia. Thus, it is well known for its acoustics, spectacular lighting and beautiful elliptical dome with the earliest stunning crystal chandelier. Its heritage architecture and interior design resemble Australia’s culture, history and elegance.

This venue has several function halls that accommodate hundreds to thousands of guests. It is used for various events such as union meetings, state government elections, trade and community exhibitions, performance shows and corporate events.

Best Event Venues in Australia

10. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Suppose you are having social events such as corporate meetings and other special occasions or looking for a private dining experience while enjoying the view of over 700 distinct species of aquatic life. In that case, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is your best choice! 

It is ideal for business gatherings, network events, and reunions with friends and relatives. It can cater to 20 to 2000 guests and will create a marvelous and unforgettable experience. On top of that, its mouth-watering meals, beverages, and desserts are superb!

Best Event Venues in Australia
However, there are still several factors that you have to give thought to ensure that your celebrations will be astounding.

Your floor plan designs are one of the most important aspects you must consider in preparing your special event, for it plays a vital role in the flow of your event.

For this reason, you have to look for an Event Floor Diagramming Software that you can use in developing good floor plan designs.

Hence, EventDraw is your best choice!

EventDraw is an excellent software for developing creative floor plan designs in all areas and perspectives. It incorporates all the unique features of an event floor diagramming software and thus can create artistic 3D floor plan designs while transforming your client’s ideas into reality! 

It enhances the elegance and luxurious architectural creativities of any event place and thus can turn your occasion into a success!

Sign Up Now at EventDraw and plan your most awaited special events in Australia with us!

Best Event Venues in Australia

Amaze your visitors, family and friends with your perfect environment and superb table arrangements using the event floor diagram software, EventDraw!