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$270,000 in additional revenue from 1 extra table


Some history before the facts…..
EventDraw is Diagramming software for events.  Easy to use software that event planners and venues design customized event floor plans and layouts such as dinner dance, theatre, cocktail & classroom style layouts. By providing event visualization you can deliver on the event experience, plan events faster, easier and more accurately.
It was often the case a venues perceived max capacity was underestimated, and in many cases by up to 30%.


Look at this example below:

Contract: $270,000 in additional revenue from 1 additional table.

1.8m (6 ft) round table can seat between 10-12 guests.
For this example lets use 10 pax per sitting.

An average cost per head – wedding/event – $130.00
Total revenue generated in one sitting $1300.00

Average number of events per week 4 (wedding, function venue, stadium or restaurant)
Total revenue generated in one week = $5200.00

Per week $5200.00 x 52 weeks per year = $270,400

That’s $270,000 in additional revenue using 1 x 1.8m Table!


Our customers have created thousands of Event Floor plans ranging anything from hotel function rooms to large stadiums, there is no limit . By working with thousands of clients globally we have years of experience and knowledge which enables us to help you create the best event floor plans to impress your clients!

Our Software is a user-friendly interface which allows our clients to easily develop and design accurate floor plans within minutes by using our simple drag and drop method of your desired item onto the plan. Our software allows you to create a myriad of different configurations of layouts in one room, not limiting you to the one design!



Jay Laybutt – EventDraw