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Immersive 3D – Click on the plan and move your mouse around.

In order to see something in action, you should try it.

The most important thing is to communicate with your customers. If you want your customers to use your venue, you have to explain to them how the event will look and feel.

Impress clients with imbedding floor plans into your website. The option to view plans in both a 2D and 3D environment!

To help you craft winner deals, we will give you the best tools. Add a heavy dose of personalization into your customer experience is what will win over your competitors.

EventDraw is simple and easy-to-use online diagramming software that is simply astonishing to use.

Click on the plan, then move your mouse around in any direction!


Assess & Visualize Your Layout

360 Degree Environment

Our 360-degree environment viewing option opens event floor plan software to endless possibilities! Impress clients by providing them with a 3D walkthrough video of the event space that will be utilised!

100% Accuracy

Have confidence whilst you create your stunning event layouts with our guaranteed 100% accuracy ensured by our professional Visio/CAD developers! With our 100% accuracy, every item placed will be EXACT to the location on both the plan and the area!

3D Technology

The incredible technology allows you to visualise and assess your event floor plans in a more realistic environment granting you the ability to adjust and redesign! This software is second to none with accurate software performance and quality, we continually impress!

Explore the Posibilities with 3D Plans

3D-image showing photo 3D Diagramming floor plan using eventdraw

Exhibition Hall

Building Design Systems

3D - image showing photo realistic and 3D Diagramming floor plan using eventdraw

Banquet Hall

Building Design Systems

3D - image showing photo 3D Diagramming floor plan using eventdraw

Wedding Venue

Building Design Systems

image showing photo 3D Diagramming floor plan using eventdraw

Convention Centre

Rapid Prototyping Tools

event space

Table Plan

How to give your brand a voice

3D Image showing a stage

Stage Setup

Building Design Systems

Assess & Visualize Your Layout With 3D

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EventDraw Photo Realistic

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