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Founded in 1998, EventDraw has established itself as the worldwide frontrunner in Event Diagramming Software. Its applications span across various domains, including Stadiums, Convention Centers, Government, and Performing Arts.

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EventDraw – Event Diagramming Software

Introducing EventDraw: Your Ultimate Event Floor Plan Solution. With our web-based tool, event planners can effortlessly visualize and plan their dream events within any space. Our software seamlessly integrates into your website, giving customers all the information they need to bring their vision to life. Share plans with ease and ensure no detail is overlooked.

EventDraw is an Event Seating Arrangement Solution that simplifies planning. One-click reveals detailed plans, maximizing space with preferred tables and chairs, making planning quick and easy.

As the industry leader, we’ve served thousands worldwide, trusted for simplicity, efficiency, and reliability. Choose us for stress-free event planning!

Pioneers in Event Diagramming Software

Event Floor Plan Solution

EventDraw has been the global leader in event floor planning, trusted by clients worldwide since 1998. Our revolutionary software empowers you to craft breathtaking 2D and 3D event floor plans featuring a simple drag-and-drop method that allows you to effortlessly design accurate floor plans within minutes, giving you the freedom to bring your vision to life. With our unique design, precision, and efficiency have never been easier to achieve.

As pioneers in the event floor planning industry, our expertise spans a diverse range of venues, from intimate hotel function rooms to expansive stadiums – there are no boundaries to your creativity. We’ve collaborated with thousands of clients across the globe, accumulating years of innovation, experience, and knowledge to assist you in delivering the most impressive event floor plans.

With EventDraw, your event planning possibilities are limitless.

Who We Serve

Who Is Using EventDraw Event Diagramming Software?

Event Planners

EventDraw, is the Event Seating Arrangement Solution for Event Planners. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual table and chair placement. With this brilliant software, you can visually engage with your customers, increasing conversion rates by sharing real-time floorplans. Effortlessly make on-the-fly changes and secure your set-up and dates with ease. Event planning has never been this seamless!

Events Team

EventDraw empowers Events Team with the tools for seamless professional event planning. This Event Floor Plan Solution lets you effortlessly design layouts for a variety of event styles, from dinner-dance to theater, cocktail, and classroom arrangements. Our interface enables you to easily drag and drop furniture, tables, chairs, AV equipment, props, and more onto your plan, delivering a stunning, ready-to-email event blueprint. 

Function Venue

Function Venue can 100% rely on the accuracy of a plan generated dramatically reducing the time for event setup.

Eventdraw guarantees:

– Utilisation of your space

– Increased conversion 

– Deeper interaction with your customers

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