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About EventDraw


Hospitality Diagramming equips venues with clients with interactive website tools for potential guests, this service you provide to customers shows you are better at handling their events over competitors. 

EventDraw Hospitality Diagramming


The EventDraw Hospitality Diagramming is a web-based tool that helps event planners during their research and shopping phase to visualize their event in your function space. EventDraw can be integrated with your current website, so potential customers are equipped with all the information and visuals they need to envision their event in your function space and then share the details with you, so you don’t miss a step.

With EventDraw Hospitality Diagramming Software, event planners can view and explore all the essentials: With one click, each plan can show the max capacity plan using the preferred tables, chairs, etc. Quick & easy! 

With thousands of clients globally we are the industry leader for Event Floor Plan Software! Our Clients choose our software due to its simplicity, efficiency, and reliability all of which make up the #1 Event Floor Plan Software! We have pioneered Event Layout Software with numerous innovative methods making your experience a good one!

Why Choose Us?

Fast Performance

With any purchase of our software, we guarantee an incredible performance design. Create floorplans without disruption in just minutes saving tremendous amounts of time.

Reliable Accuracy

Create streamline event floor plans with accuracy to the millimetre. Our software is designed for accuracy making it the most trusted and reliable software on the market!

A Professional Result

Our aim is to help our clients make the best professional floorplan for their events. A professional plan shows your prospective clients that you are the right choice for the job!

Our Software


Our customers have created thousands of Event Floor plans ranging anything from hotel function rooms to large stadiums, there is no limit. By working with thousands of clients globally we have years of experience and knowledge that enables us to help you create the best event floor plans to impress your clients!

Our Software is a user-friendly interface that allows our clients to easily develop and design accurate floor plans within minutes by using our simple drag and drop method of your desired item onto the plan. Our 2D & 3D software allows you to create a myriad of different configurations of layouts in one room, not limiting you to one design!

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Event Planners

Event Planners, this brilliant software ensures there is no need for the rough placement of tables and chairs. 

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Events Team, give your events team the power of professional event/function plans.

Function Venue

Function Venue can 100% rely on the accuracy of a plan generated dramatically reducing time for event setup.

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