CAD for Events Lesson 102 B3 - EventDraw

Welcome students to lesson 102 B1 – CAD planning for events. 

As lockdown measures start to ease up in certain countries, we’ve asked event professionals how social distancing at large-scale events might work in practice.  Before anyone will step into a venue, they will want guarantees that the venue has proven to be clean, safe, secure and adhere to the new requirements. The corporate world and will assume even greater importance as organisations seek to uphold their duty of care. This will be particularly tricky for companies that produce events all over the world, where policies and guidelines, not to mention social norms, may differ greatly from one region to the next. 

Added that any social distancing measures implemented should add to and improve the delegate experience, rather than detract from it. An event CAD must be clear, precise and very clever. Seating will be a challenge,  we need to get creative and use this to our advantage. “Creating distance between seats allows us to use different layouts which we can weave into the overall experience of an event.

So lets take an example below. The COVID19 requirement is to host the first 1.5 meter social distancing conference to showcase that social distancing events can be done, and that it’s important to prioritise them as soon as governments allow it.

Subject Line First Name & Surname Followed by Event Name & Venue Name e.g John Smith Cocktail Plan Sydney Convention Centre

Ensure all plans are PRINTED to .PNG or .JPEG then uploaded to this Dropbox folder-


Plan 1:

Venue – Venue of Your Choice
Wedding Plan

Create a Wedding event plan.
*Add the event name at the top of the plan.
*Write the number of guests that can legally fit within the space.
* Distance of 1.5 metres between table’s

Plan 2:
Venue – This is Your Choice
Conference using U Shape

Create a Standard Conference event plan (COVID distance not required)
*Add 3 registration tables & Tea & Coffee stations 
*Add the event name at the top of the plan
*Write the number of guests
*Add a report to the plan – top left hand corner

Plan 3
Venue – This is Your Choice
Theatre style plan – Angled Seating

Create a Conference event plan. (minimum 250 pax)
*Add the event name at the top of the plan
*Write the number of guests
*Add a report to the plan – bottom right hand corner
*Use measuring tool to verify distances
*Add stage and screen setup within the space

Plan 4
Venue – This is Your Choice
1000 pax setup
Create a CADplan showing a typical ballroom with capacity of around 1000 pax with a setup for an awards dinner (with or without dancefloor). The understanding is that people can sit at a table of 10 if they all know each other. So let’s do tables of 10. 

*Setup other items and equipment onto the plan, stage, dance floor etc
*Ensure you have enough room for isle, dance floors, stage on the plan
*If you add a plants, DJ, band, bar, theme’s, equipment or drapes on the plan be sure to label these items
*Inventory report required on floor plan
*Optional – Table boundaries. (To do this, select all the tables, from the “Table Modify select “Show Table Boundary”

Ensure all plans are uploaded to Dropbox
Naming the plan & PDF’s
(Your First Name & Surname Followed by Event Name & Venue Name) e.g John Smith Cocktail Plan Sydney Convention Centre