Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section addresses these questions and more to help you get started. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions from past users to provide you with helpful information about our event diagramming software. If you're new to event diagramming or switching from other software like Visio or CAD, you may have some common questions about how it works.


Ease of Use

"Nothing comes close"


The Fastest

Unrivalled speed


PC, MAC or Device

Yep, no restrictions here


No Restrictions

Get use to the word "Yes" on inclusions.


Accurate Plans

100% scaled & correct event plans with CAD accuracy



Support is a real person, not a chatbot. 

What is EventDraw?

EventDraw is an easy-to-use diagramming software that enables event planners to create stunning floorplans in minutes.

Event planners can create accurate and detailed event layouts for dinners, exhibitions, conferences, or cocktail events in record time.

A robust SAAS solution, Eventdraw allows planners to design, share, and collaborate live to deliver exceptional events.

How does EventDraw benefit EAs, PAs & Event Coordinators?

We have 28,000 existing floor plan templates on file for venues around Australia, Asia, and globally.

Your team can open EventDraw, choose from the existing venue catalogue and create event plans – assured they are accurate to-scale floor plans.

Eventdraw also includes a brilliant feature; Auto Allocation.

With the click of a button, Eventdraw can automatically calculate the best use of space using algorithms built into the software. It means anyone can create accurate maximum capacity plans delivered in seconds.

Why should event planners use EventDraw?

Event planners can often spend hours researching whether or not a venue will be suitable for their needs.

By providing event visualisation, you can service and deliver on the approved client configuration and the event experience.

We specialise in supporting your team to give them the confidence to plan events faster, easier and more accurately.

How Does it work?

EventDraw is drag-and-drop software. Our team set up the templates (venue function spaces or outdoor site plans) and customise smart shapes (furniture and equipment).

This allows event planners to ‘drag and drop’ the shapes onto the plan to create accurate, to-scale floor layouts.

Event delivery becomes seamless, reducing set-up time and on-site mistakes.

Leading Event Diagramming Software

We have in excess of 10,000 customised furniture shapes and
equipment. These are setup in 2D & 3D. No matter what piece of scaled equipment you need to be added to the floor plan software, just give us a call. Within hours, we will email you the equipment you require so you can continue creating your custom event layout for your client. We also create to-scale site maps for our clients which are a great asset for your website. (also visit

At EventDraw, we are always updating and developing our software. We are very passionate about serving the Events Industry and are always looking for ways we can make your event planning easier.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Am I limited on the number of plans I can create each month or year.

Absolutely not!
You are not limited on the number of plans you create each month or year.  Most venues and organisations create hundreds if not thousands of plans per year.  Think about it, imagine being restricted on such a fundamental requirement.

Do I need Microsoft Visio

Say goodbye to Microsoft Visio headaches! Our new cloud-based floor plan software, EventDraw, is a game-changer in cost and efficiency, reshaping the landscape for venue operations and sales globally. No more need for Microsoft Visio licenses!

Developed over six and a half years by our skilled VisioGroup team (, EventDraw takes the best of our refined Microsoft Visio product, dating back to 1998, and brings it to the cloud. Instant accessibility, heightened efficiency, and speed – all without the burden of Microsoft licensing costs. Plus, any venue adopting EventDraw enjoys unlimited users.

But here’s the kicker – EventDraw isn’t just a replacement; it’s an upgrade. With features unavailable in Microsoft Visio, it sets a new standard for floor plan software. And for our existing clients using Visio files, no worries – EventDraw seamlessly integrates, ensuring your current floor plans remain as relevant as ever.

Experience the future of venue operations with EventDraw – where efficiency meets innovation.

Are there limitations on the number of users?

EventDraw allows unlimited users within your company, ensuring everyone can benefit from its user-friendly features without any restrictions.

Active Events - How Many?

The freedom is yours with EventDraw! We don’t impose limits on the number of events you can create. Unlike other providers, we believe in giving you the flexibility you need to manage your events without unnecessary restrictions. Enjoy the freedom to create as many events as you desire with EventDraw!


EventDraw gives you the flexibility to create floor plans without being tethered to the internet. Unlike other providers, every move you make on your floor plan doesn’t need to be saved back to external servers. This not only ensures a smoother, more responsive service but also allows us to deliver detailed and CAD precise floor plans. Feel the difference – ask us for a trial account versus our competitors, and witness the night-and-day contrast, especially when you zoom into the PDF or plan.

Cloud or Local?

With EventDraw your floor plan and diagram data is stored in your browser while you are creating the floor plan, and at a location of your choice when you finish and save the plan. If you choose EventDraw, your diagram data is transmitted with end-to-end encryption.

Am I restricted on the amount of PDF's I create or send?

No restrictions here! You’re free to create and send as many PDFs as you need. We believe in supporting your communication with clients and ensuring your event plans are crystal clear. Professionalism shines through good communication, providing clients with a clear picture of their event. Plus, having accurate and up-to-date event plans for the setup crew adds an extra layer of reliability to your function.

Seat Attendees - How Many?

Seat attendees is unlimited. There is no capping nor restrictions on the number of attendees for your floor plan and event. Seat attendees for your event would vary, so why would we limit this in your software…… The answer is we don’t!

Verified Floor Plans?

Our team will create an accurate, custom floor plan based on your CAD files of your venue, with confirmation sign-off from your team.
The fact is, Event floor plan software is useless without accurate plans of your venue. This is why since 1998, we supply the most accurate floor plan software on the planet!

Ease of Use?

EventDraw is not just user-friendly; it’s designed for ease of use from the ground up. Born in 1998 from an event management company, our software is the brainchild of passionate individuals in the Hospitality and Events industry. Unlike others, we didn’t let programmers dictate our solution – our system was crafted by industry insiders who understand your needs.

Our goal is straightforward: Ease of Use. We challenge you to put EventDraw through an exhaustive test. Why? Because we believe a fantastic event floor plan should be created, finished, and emailed to a client within 90-120 seconds. EventDraw is easy to use because it’s tailored with the event delivery as our sole focus. Experience simplicity without sacrificing capability with EventDraw.

Migrating Visio to EventDraw?

As COVID19 is devastating the events industry we find many required to work from home. So for those needing floor plans and access to Visio it’s made life very difficult.
It’s timely that we introduce you to EventDraw, our new cloud based floor plan software.
Absolutely no need for Microsoft Visio anymore!
Our new cloud-based floor plan software application EventDraw revolutionises the cost and efficiency of our existing Visio development, used by thousands of clients in Australia and around the world.
EventDraw does not require a single licence of Microsoft Visio.


This means accessing your floor plans from home, on a device or for those MAC users, it works brilliantly.
The EventDraw Team

  1. Can we convert our existing Visio licenses into EventDraw?
    EventDraw does not require any Visio licences. For those with Visio licences, you may keep these. 
    For Visio users, your existing Visio software can be used and will still be supported.
  2. Are there fees to migrate from Visio to EventDraw?
    There is a fee for the migration and setup of floor plan templates into EventDraw.   
  3. Can I import existing Visio templates/drawings?

    Existing Visio Templates: can be imported into EventDraw. 
    Existing Visio Drawings: i.e Lets take a wedding plan you created with 80 tables, dance floor, bridal table etc. This is not classed as a template. This is called a “drawing”. Existing Visio drawings have to be created in EventDraw.
    Your existing smart shapes can be setup in EventDraw.

  4. What are the next steps should we decide to move from Microsoft Visio to EventDraw!

    The process is as follows:
         1.  Approval Received
         2. Our staff will ask you for all users needed to be setup in EventDraw
    (we simply require users first name, surname and email address)
         3. Floor plans templates completed are added to your EventDraw profile
         4. Brief training videos will be sent to all uses, as the system is built from our Visio development, training is fast and easy.
         5. Logins are sent to all users. Once users login, their floor plan      templates will be shown in their “templates” folder. 
    On average, the development time is 15-28 business days. 


  5. What are the advantages of EventDraw?
    * Significantly less costs. Microsoft Visio does not need to be purchased (approx $499.00 per licence of Visio) Therefore $499.00 saved for every user requiring Microsoft Visio
    * Work virtually anywhere, anytime in a browser, tablet or iPad
    * Unlimited users
    * Share floor plans via links to anyone. Easily share diagrams with anyone anytime. 
    * All floor plans are saved directly to your PC or MAC. 
    * Always up-to-date application for all users
    * Create professional diagrams with ready-made templates and shapes in online ecosystem that is industry CAD accurate drawings.  
    * For Visio users, your existing Visio software can be used and still supported.

    For our existing clients, there are fees for the migration and setup of your floor plan templates into EventDraw, although we can offer payment options. This already covers all of your users.
    We want to work together through COVID19 and hope deferred payments help. For those working from home, EventDraw could not be more beneficial than now!

Now is your time to shine and get ready for the change in the economy that is coming. While everyone else is sleeping, we are sharpening our sword ready for growth and expansion. You will be ready to rise with EventDraw.
Accept this proposal so you can have the brand new software you deserve today!


Costs are easy, it’s simply based on the number of templates you require. We’ll create an accurate, custom floor plan based on your CAD files, with sign-off from your team.
Quote Example:

1. Meeting Room A
2. Meeting Room B
4. Grand Ballroom

Looking at the above, we would supply a quote for a 3 plan package.  These plans will be ready with a few days. From there, you open the software and create unlimited function and event plans as you and your team require. 

Want to build your own venue or site plans in EventDraw, ask us for a quote.


Each month we have a tremendous amount of feedback from prospects, many migrating from other floor plan software providers.

For example, some Event Floor Plan Software providers restrict the number of plans you can create each month. Why?

Other restrictions we’ve learnt:
1. A limit on the amount of PDF’s you create each month.
2. Some limit the number of guests you can allocate at 150-250.
3. Floor plans cannot be saved to your PC.
4. Some limit the number of users.
5. Many providers charge in excess of $199.00 USD PER MONTH but only 100 events per year.
We find this absurd!


Ease of Use

We guarantee EventDraw is the easiest to use floor plan software on the market.
Put this statement to the test, contact our team and ask for a link to use the software. Simply drag and drop the tables and chairs, dance floors, stages etc onto the scaled floor plan to create an accurate and professional event floor plan in 90 seconds!
Create your own custom shapes, save these as your favourites. Your plans will have layers showing location of AV, data, power outlets.

All plans show dimension lines and cubic capacity of venue along with max capacity plans.


Support and training is unlimited…. thats a fact!

Our products continue to evolve via frequent and significant updates. If you’re after new features, ever-improving usability, and the latest innovations ensures you continue to receive all the latest software updates forever!.

…….Peace of mind

If you would like access to our training video’s or would like a one on one training session with our support team this is included with EventDraw. Why limit knowledge?

Contact our team for more FAQ’s