Immersive 3D+: Help Your Client Envision the Event

As an Event Planner, we all know the deal! To confidently sell your event space, you need to handhold many clients, allowing them to visualise their event in your function space. 

But, the problem is obvious, you cannot set up in the room exactly as they require because this involves your setup crew and a vast amount of unrecoverable labour costs. 

This is the burden that encompasses all venues, staff, and owners. To satisfy clients, you should have their event floor plan set up right in front of their eyes. And it is important to see the venue in person with them. 

Why? The purpose of a site tour is to determine where to have your event and determine whether or not the area is suitable.

Visualizing an event is just another sales process, but the game has changed with EventDraw Immersive 3D+. By showcasing a venue’s event space and their exact floor plan layout for the event.


With EventDraw’s Immersive 3D, your clients can view a replica of your venue in such detail; they will find it difficult to determine what is 3D and what is real life.

And with this new feature, you don’t really have to invite them in person. Especially now, during Covid-19, with the travel restrictions and working remotely. 

So, say for example, if the bridal table has a view of the ocean, they will see how it would look like in EventDraw Immersive 3D+ from their screen.

Let’s face it, walking around your venue with the bride, groom and mother-in-law is an extremely time consuming component when operating a function and event centre. 

So, Do you think your client can envision the event without coming to the venue? How can you win a client without a site visit? 

Yes, with EventDraw Photorealistic Immersive 3D+, it is absolutely possible!

What are the Benefits of Immersive 3D+ and how it can help you to win our clients?

  1. It can help you do more business faster. Whether you want to give your clients the feeling of being in the actual venue, help them start picturing how it would look or showcase the wonders of your venue by moving some objects. Once clicked, you can move tables and chairs on the floor plan. Nothing could be more impressive for your clients because of The immersive 3D+
  2. They can meet you within the function space of your venue, all in real-time. Indeed, Immersive 3D+ tours can take your business to a new dimension!
  3.  With the help of a photorealistic immersive 3D plan, you can allow your clients to visit your event space, including the floor plan layout for their event while they are relaxing in the comfort of their homes. Your client can visit your space 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  4. If your client is not available at the moment, You can create a floor plan in 90 seconds, and It allows you to provide virtual tours of your venue space simply by sending your client one single link. It gives you the power to sell your venue online or through a custom link via email, text message, etc. 

EventDraw Immersive 3D+

Immersive 3D+ is equipped with single link sharing. By clicking on the share link, you can invite your prospective clients into the 3D event space, from there you can chat and discuss the design layout for the event. Even better, the client can walk around the venue and see the viewing angles of critical components of the event space, such as particular tables. And guests easily view the stage, bridal table, dance floors etc.

  1. Virtual tours will envision and showcase your venue in such clarity that has to be seen to be believed.
  2. You can also embed this on your website or page. You embed something when you place a block of code — called an embed code — into the HTML editor of another website.

Try EventDraw 3D Immersive+!

So, without a doubt, you will win more business, significantly reduce your workload, and provide convenience to your client. 

Let your clients immerse themselves in their event, from walking around your venue using EventDraw’s floor plan right down to the table cloth, and colour used for their event. Nothing could be better for their event before and the big day.

Can you now imagine, anyone at any time that can be inside your venue with Immersive 3D+?

EventDraw’s Immersive 3D+ is the leading event diagramming platform that removes the need for clients to come onsite, especially during COVID-19.

This can all be done from your client’s home! It’s now the reality to significantly increase revenue and sell your function space by allowing your clients to visit your space 24/7, and anywhere in the world. 

Revolutionary Immersive 3D+ Tour  

Even better, they don’t need to install or download any software.

With the help of Immersive 3D+ Tours, you can ensure that your event meetings and activities can continue regardless of what happens.

It’s totally revolutionary. 

So do you think you can now book event spaces WITHOUT the need to spend time with clients walking around your venue? 


With the help of EventDraw Immersive 3D+ Tours, No need for clients to come onsite and walk through your venue.

Can you imagine the tremendous savings and benefits of this time-saving solution?

To win in business, you must be better than those around you. Clients must experience something better than what your competitors provide. 

Use Immersive 3D+ Today!

It’s time to go all out with your clients!

It’s time you stand out from the competition!,

Move Beyond The Norm and streamline your venue’s event planners!

Using 3D virtual tours, you can improve your client’s experience, increase customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

Get a free trial today and see for yourself!

In order to make your event a success, we’d be happy to discuss your goals and how we can assist you to design a 3D floor plan.

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