Migrating to EventDraw


Moving From Visio to Eventdraw

As you may already know, we are moving from Visio to EventDraw as our new cloud floor plan platform. Our support team is now starting to switch your existing floor plan templates from Microsoft Visio to EventDraw. With EventDraw, you’ll gain the benefits of 100% web-based floor plan software and collaboration tools, as well as significantly lower infrastructure required.

We’d like you to use EventDraw now before Visio is phased out. With your confirmation, we can seamlessly roll out the migration from Microsoft Visio to EventDraw for all current Visio users.

You are going to achieve a greatly beneficial outcome because you are early in the process. We are migrating you to EventDraw because our current Visio software and its hardware has reaching its end of life, Visiogroup and our organisation has adopted a cloud-first policy and our support team will assist with EventDraw as this system is far more user-friendly than Visio and everyone benefiting by the migration will be consulted and committed to the migration success.


This extends beyond your functions & events team, to AV technicians, marketing and everyone in your organization who is currently using our Visio floor plan software. A few benefits include:

Unlimited users

Work anywhere, anytime

Always Up To Date application

Floor plan Template ready and accessible

5x faster than legacy visio

For further details on EventDraw – click Here! 

Migration Process

What are the next steps to move from Microsoft Visio to EventDraw?

Confirmation received

Our staff will ask you for all users needed to be setup in EventDraw
(we simply require users first name, surname and email address)

Floor plans templates completed are added to your EventDraw profile

Brief training videos will be sent to all uses, as the system is built from our Visio development, training is fast and easy.

Logins are sent to all users. Once users login, their floor plan templates will be shown in their “templates” folder.

On average, the development time is 15-28 business days.

Time to Get Started

We are sharpening our sword ready for growth and expansion.
You will be ready to rise with EventDraw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there fees to migrate from Visio to EventDraw?

There is a yearly fee for EventDraw.

Can we convert our existing Visio licenses into EventDraw?

EventDraw does not require any Visio licences. For those with Visio licences, you may keep these. For Visio users, your existing Visio software can be used and will still be supported.

Can I import existing Visio templates/drawings?

Existing Visio Templates: can be imported into EventDraw.
Existing Visio Drawings: i.e Lets take a wedding plan you created with 80 tables, dance floor, bridal table etc. This is not classed as a template. This is called a “drawing”. Existing Visio drawings have to be created in EventDraw.
Your existing smart shapes can be setup in EventDraw.

Our History

Six and a half years in the making — our VisioGroup’s development team (www.visiogroup.com.au) designed software which takes the best of the Microsoft Visio based product the company has been refining since 1998 and puts it in the cloud, making it instantly accessible, more efficient, faster and more importantly, no need for Microsoft licencing cost. Any venue looking to adopt EventDraw receives unlimited users.

And that’s just the beginning, the software boasts a tremendous amount of features not available with Microsoft Visio. For our existing clients who use Visio files, well this works brilliantly with EventDraw, so existing floor plan “templates” are not redundant.