The #1 Event Diagramming Software

#1 Event Diagramming Software

Create amazing event floor plan layouts for your venue within minutes.

Simple and easy to use software takes the lead in helping you create visually perfect event floor plan layouts. With the ability to drag and drop visual elements on the screen, your 2D or 3D floor plans come to life.

Provide your venue with a time-saving solution for event floor planning

Simple to use Event design software that allows venues to create event floor plans in under 90 seconds.

Creating layouts such as dinner-dance, theatre, cocktail, and classroom styles is effortless.

Drag and drop furniture, tables, chairs, AV equipment, props, and more onto the plan, resulting in a stunning, accurate and professional event layout to send to your clients!

Why is EventDraw #1

Save Time

On average it takes 90 seconds to create a stunning event plan for your clients. No more need for difficult CAD software, word, excel or paint.



Keep your team thriving with software that speeds up the rhythm of business. Create, review and sign off on future plans with your team and your client. Event planners often say….” it’s just so fast and efficient”.

Increase Revenue

Clients realize they are losing valuable business by undercutting their venue’s capacity. Discovering they can increase their capacities by up to 30% just by merely rearranging tables. 


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“Discover first hand how our innovative software empowers you to effortlessly create visually stunning event layouts, collaborate seamlessly with your team and clients in real-time, and optimize your venue’s potential.”

Say goodbye to time-consuming floor planning and hello to efficiency and professionalism


It couldn’t be any easier to use!

Stadiums, arenas, convention centers, performing arts venues, hotels, and event spaces can expand their available space by up to 15-20%, enhancing efficiency and saving on labor costs. Even small adjustments, like adding just 1 x 6ft table, can boost revenue by up to $270,000. If you’re interested in learning more about creating fast event plans and reaping these benefits, keep reading.

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Explore the stunning Immersive 3D.

Interactive floor plans enable venues to envision their clients’ events at your venue in unprecedented detail

Imagine stepping into your event space before it’s even built! EventDraw makes this possible, and we’ll demonstrate how in this video.

Explore your event space in stunning detail, as if you were physically there. True-to-life experience that helps you win over your competitors. Create Immersive 2D or 3D layouts with accurate-to-the-millimeter floor plans.

Sleemans Site Plan of the Sports Complex

Indoor or Outdoor

Professional scaled site plan

  •   • Easy To Use Software
  •   • Create Outdoor Festivals / Plans Fast
  •   • Reduce Time Spent On Outdoor Event 

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Success Stories

These added professional event services for your clients not only make life easier for the Event Manager but signals to a potential customer that you are organized and better suited to managing their event than others. With this software, you can expect an increase in secured forward bookings.

We highly value this software.

Bernadette Serone

Operations Manager, Royal Australian ShowGround

At Natural History Museum we were unaware of our venues maximum capacity. Our staff were often mistaken by what could fit and we were stunned to find that our perceived capacities were incorrect and space was underutilized. We were able to easily identify the best configuration to maximize our space.

This software allows us to increase the capacity of our venue with ease.

Paolo Macis

Event Manage, Natural History Museum

For Event Floor Planner, this brilliant software ensures there is no need for rough placement of tables and chairs. We added plans to our website so clients can view the room with tables and chairs and see the capacity of rooms. The team are just brilliant and always put the customer first.

I would recommend to anyone!

Andi Wulff

Functions and Events Manager, Macalester University

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