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Transforming the Live Event Landscape

Orchestrating successful events in stadiums and arenas requires meticulous planning, coordination, and execution. From sporting events to concerts, every detail ensures a seamless and memorable experience for attendees. EventDraw emerges as an indispensable tool, offering many benefits tailored to the unique needs of stadiums and arenas.

The Most Admired Stadium and Arenas Trust EventDraw


The Event Diagramming Software

EventDraw is a game-changer for stadiums and arenas seeking to elevate their event floor plan capabilities and drive revenue growth. By harnessing the power of visualization, communication, and data analytics, stadiums, and arenas can unlock new opportunities for success in an increasingly competitive industry.

Boost Sales with EventDraw

Premium Seating Optimization

Allows for strategic positioning of premium seats, maximizing visibility and comfort to attract affluent attendees and increase ticket sales.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Facilitates seamless integration of sponsor branding and activations within the venue layout, offering visibility to sponsors and attracting lucrative sponsorship deals.

Efficient Concession Planning

Helps maximize sales opportunities and event profitability by strategically allocating concession stands and optimizing traffic flow.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Provides valuable insights into attendee preferences, traffic patterns, and sales trends, enabling informed decisions regarding event programming, pricing strategies, and marketing initiatives.

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