EventDraw: The must-have tool for event planners

The time-saving tool is the perfect solution to floor plan struggles!


Designing floor plans and organising event layouts no longer has to be a chore, thanks to EventDraw, a time-saving software for event planners.
To find out more about this must-have tool, A LIST Guide quizzed the EventDraw team about what it is and why we should all be using it:
What is EventDraw?
EventDraw is diagramming software that enables event planners to create stunning event floor plan layouts in just minutes.
Event planners can create accurate and streamlined event floor plan layouts such as dinners, conferences and cocktail events in record time.
Why should event planners use EventDraw?
Event planners can often spend hours researching whether or not a venue will be suitable for their needs.
By providing event visualisation, you can deliver on the event experience, plan events faster, easier and more accurately.
It’s now more important than ever to deliver an exceptional personalised experience to your potential customer — no matter if it’s a simple board meeting or an elaborate wedding.

How does it work?
EventDraw is drag and drop software. Our team setup the templates (venue function spaces or outdoor site plans) and customise your smart shapes (furniture and equipment).
This allows event planners to ‘drag and drop’ the shapes onto the plan to create accurate, to-scale floor plan layouts.
Clients value this service and labour is reduced because your setup staff can easily understand the plans. Shuffling furniture will be a thing of the past.
Our clients are creating exceptional event floor plan diagrams with just 15 mins training.
How does EventDraw benefit EAs and PAs tasked with planning events?
Jay Laybutt, Director of EventDraw, we have 28,000 existing floor plan templates on file for venues around Australia, Asia and globally.
EAs and PAs can simply open EventDraw and choose from the existing venue catalogue and create event plans knowing what they create on screen is exactly what will fit in the venue.
The system includes a brilliant feature; with the click of a button, it can automatically calculate the best use of space using algorithms that are built into the software. It means maximum capacity plans can be created in less than three seconds.
For more information, visit EventDraw on A LIST Guide.