EventDraw: The must-have tool for event planners


The Ultimate Time Saving Solution

Say goodbye to the hassles of floor plan struggles with the ultimate time-saving solution!

EventDraw, a cutting-edge software designed for event planners, has revolutionized the process of designing floor plans and organizing event layouts. No longer considered a tedious task, this must-have tool has transformed the way events are planned.

What is EventDraw?

EventDraw is innovative diagramming software designed to empower event planners and venues in effortlessly crafting captivating event floor plan layouts within minutes. With EventDraw, planners or organizers can swiftly generate precise and streamlined seating arrangements for various events like dinners, conferences, and cocktail gatherings in record time.

Why should event planners use EventDraw?

Save valuable time that event planners often spend extensively researching venue suitability. With event visualization, enhance the overall event experience, streamline event planning, and achieve greater accuracy. In today’s competitive landscape, delivering an outstanding personalized experience is crucial, whether you’re organizing a basic board meeting or an extravagant wedding.

How does it work?

EventDraw offers intuitive drag-and-drop software designed to streamline your event planning process. Our dedicated team has meticulously crafted templates for various venues, including function spaces and outdoor sites. Customize your smart shapes, such as furniture and equipment, with ease.

This innovative approach empowers event planners to effortlessly drag and drop these shapes onto the plan, resulting in precise, to-scale floor plan layouts. The value of our service is evident as it not only saves time but also reduces labor, allowing your setup staff to comprehend plans effortlessly. Say goodbye to the hassle of rearranging furniture.

Clients appreciate our user-friendly platform, with many creating exceptional event floor plan diagrams after just 15 minutes of training. Explore our training videos to discover more about how EventDraw can transform your event planning experience.

How does EventDraw benefit EAs and PAs tasked with planning events?

Meet Jay Laybutt, the Director of EventDraw. Our extensive collection boasts 28,000 floor plan templates tailored for venues across Australia, Asia, and globally.

Executive Assistants (EAs) and Personal Assistants (PAs) can effortlessly access EventDraw, choosing from our comprehensive venue catalogue. This allows them to craft event plans with the assurance that what they design on screen perfectly aligns with the venue’s layout.

One standout feature of our system is its ingenious capability. With a simple click, it employs embedded algorithms to automatically optimize space usage. This translates to the creation of maximum capacity plans in under three seconds.

Discover more about EventDraw on our website for additional information.

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