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These pages will help you learn about EventDraw, creating event floor plan layouts and other training services we offer to our customers. So whether you want to attend a live zoom session or use the videos below, our team are ready to help.

We thank you for your willingness to learn EventDraw and it’s features.

EventDraw Training

EventDraw Floor Plan & Diagramming Software equips venues with clients with interactive website tools for potential guests, this service you provide to customers shows you are better at handling their events over competitors.

training video on how to save floor plan to cloud

Working on a floor plan and want to save it? EventDraw makes it simple.

Training Videos on how to convert your 2d plan into immersive 3d floor plan

We’ve got some exciting news to share. Your event space in Virtual Reality!

Training video on how to do table numbering with event diagramming software

Looking for a more organized way of placing tables on your event floor plan? Table numbers for your event, made easy.

Event diagramming software lets you draw out the layout of your space and then add details like tables and chairs, food stations, and other items.

training video on to create inventory reports with evet diagramming software

Event planners and venues may use inventory management to figure out how many tables, chairs, and other items they need for an event.

training video on how to do layers and benefit of layers

Layers are a great way to organize your floor plan. Turn on the layers, and see different things!

training video about auto fill

Imagine creating a floor plan in 90 seconds! Creating a floor plan with EventDraw Diagramming Software is easy.

training video on how to expand tool bar

EventDraw has all the tools you need. 

mastering eventdraw, the ultimate guide to features and training

Are you looking for a way to create event floor plans faster and easier? Watch How We Make Event Floor Plans Even Faster & Easier

training video on how to share live link to your client and team member with event diagramming software

Working in EventDraw is fast, easy, and can be used on any device! Learn more about EventDraw and how it can help you do a better job.

training video on how to transform 2d plan into 3d floor plan

Your 2D floor plans are great, but they’re missing something. They need to be 3D! Explore 3D floor plan design in EventDraw

training video on how to use google earth to draw floor plan

A Guide on How to Use Google Earth to Draw Floor Plans with EventDraw

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