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These pages will help you learn about EventDraw, creating event floor plan layouts and other training services we offer to our customers. So whether you want to attend a live zoom session or use the videos below, our team are ready to help.

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EventDraw Training

EventDraw Floor Plan & Diagramming Software equips venues with clients with interactive website tools for potential guests, this service you provide to customers shows you are better at handling their events over competitors.

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training video on how to save floor plan to cloud

Storing floor plans on the cloud allows event planners and venues to easily access and share designs, enabling collaboration and eliminating the need for physical copies. This streamlines event planning and coordination.

Training Videos on how to convert your 2d plan into immersive 3d floor plan

Allows you to create and visualize event layouts in a fully immersive, photorealistic environment. This technology revolutionizes event planning by enhancing industry creativity, efficiency, and communication.

Training video on how to do table numbering with event diagramming software

Table numbering simplifies assigning and organizing table numbers within venue layouts. This software enables event planners and venues to customize and label tables easily, saving time and ensuring a smoothly executed event.

Creating folders allows for efficient organization of event planning, ensuring easy access and improved collaboration with team members. This method streamlines the process and enhances the overall event management experience.

training video on to create inventory reports with evet diagramming software

Inventory reports streamline the process by visually tracking and managing items. With real-time updates and collaboration, planners can ensure a smooth event execution by easily identifying shortages and making informed decisions.

training video on how to do layers and benefit of layers

Layers in event diagramming software enable organizers to effectively organize and manage event floor plans, allowing for selective sharing with team members or clients, collaboration, and customization in event planning.

training video about auto fill

Autofill is a feature that allows users to create floor plans quickly and efficiently. By simply pressing and holding the shift key, the software automatically generates and inserts various elements such as tables, chairs, and other objects.

training video on how to expand tool bar

You can easily design a Chevron seating style perfect for events such as weddings, conferences, and galas. With just a few clicks, you can personalize the size and shape of your layout and add tables, chairs, and other elements.

mastering eventdraw, the ultimate guide to features and training

EventDraw is a user-friendly tool for creating event floor plans quickly and efficiently. It offers drag-and-drop functionality, customizable templates, 3D visualizations, and real-time collaboration. Perfect for planning any type of event.

training video on how to share live link to your client and team member with event diagramming software

EventDraw simplifies collaboration by sharing live links, allowing teams and clients to view and interact with event diagrams in real-time. This eliminates the need for manual sharing and enhances communication.

training video on how to transform 2d plan into 3d floor plan

Transform your 2D event floor plan into a 3D layout using event diagramming software. Visualize and optimize your event setup by accurately placing furniture, equipment, and decorations in a three-dimensional perspective.

training video on how to use google earth to draw floor plan

EventDraw utilizes satellite imagery to create precise event floor plans. It provides effective visualization and planning for event organizers, optimizing space utilization and enhancing the attendee experience, especially for outdoor events.

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