Why EventDraw?

EventDraw, the global leader in event diagramming and floor plan software, enables you to create captivating floor plans for your events, saving time and increasing revenue.

Choose EventDraw for unparalleled event design excellence.

What Makes EventDraw Unique?

EventDraw stands out as the premier choice for event planners and venue owners with a host of unparalleled benefits. Unlike its competitors, all EventDraw packages offer Unlimited Users, Unlimited Plans, and No Lock-in Contracts, giving you the flexibility to plan events without constraints.

What truly sets EventDraw apart is its remarkable capacity to create up to 10,000+ event plans per year, ensuring scalability and adaptability to meet your unique event planning needs.

Additionally, EventDraw empowers you to unleash your creativity by allowing you to design your own custom shapes, complemented by a vast library of 5000 furniture shapes. The software further streamlines guest list management with unlimited capacity, providing seamless attendee tracking.

EventDraw imposes no limitations on the number of new events you can create each month or year. This exceptional combination of features makes EventDraw an indispensable tool for event planners, offering unmatched convenience and adaptability.

Why EventDraw? Because it’s the key to unlocking your event planning potential.

The Facts on Cloud Floor Plan Software

Don’t be fooled, some cloud providers of diagramming software lock in charges of $99.00 per month up to $399 per month, and then only allow 2-3 users, and 2-3 events per month. Not to mention email-only support, restrictions on seat attendees, and restrictions on the number of plans you can create all the while you are being locked into their overpriced cloud contacts.

Venues & the Events Team should not spend a tremendous amount of time drawing diagrams. Planners too often aren’t presenting clients with the professional quality function plans they know could help bring a vision to life and close a sale due to costs, difficult-to-use software & no support. 

It’s time for EventDraw!

Save Time

On average it takes 90 seconds to create a stunning event plan for your clients. No more need for difficult CAD software, word, excel or paint.



Keep your team thriving with software that speeds up the rhythm of business. Create, review and sign off on future plans with your team and your client. Event planners often say….” it’s just so fast and efficient”.

Increase Revenue

Clients realize they are losing valuable business by undercutting their venue’s capacity. Discovering they can increase their capacities by up to 30% just by merely rearranging tables. 


Are you ready to get started with EventDraw?