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How to Build a Perfect Squad for Event Planning?

How to Build a Perfect Squad for Event Planning?

As an Event Planner, you surely agree that your team members play a significant role in your career in the Event Management Industry. They represent and reflect your professionalism, integrity, and credibility, which will remarkably impact your success. 

Attaining the highest level of teamwork and cooperation is needed to succeed and establish a good relationship with your team members and partnered vendors.

Having a fantastic team is critical! 

Even more so when organizing an event. Furthermore, being an event planner is not a one-person show. Remember that successful event planning results from strategic collaboration and coordination with your team members.

Therefore, you’ll want a group you can put your faith in. Indeed, being able to recruit, hire and train the most qualified event team member is of utmost importance as everyone on the event planning team has an important role to play and should be eager to help make the event a success.

So, how will you create a proficient and effective event management team? What roles are needed? 

Let me guide you on some of the roles to consider:

Director or Head of Event Team

The owner of the Event Management Team is usually the Director or Head of the Event Team. This involves formulating policies and regulations to ensure that your established procedures are based on the standard protocol. This person will serve as the event’s visionary and ensure that every breath the team takes is aligned with the overarching goal. The Director commonly approves marketing strategies, legal contracts, and operational strategies and plans prepared by his subordinates, serving as guidelines whenever the team executes an event plan.

Event Coordinator/Event Manager

This role is responsible for preparing and implementing the event’s program and process flow plan. It oversees and supervises the event team and ensures that the rest of the members are knowledgeable, trained, and well-equipped to perform their functions and responsibilities.  The Event Coordinator/Event Manager takes care of everything from catering to arranging activities. They are the focal person to communicate and report to the Director, thus providing status updates and monitoring reports in connection with the implementation of the event plan. They shall also report any significant issues and concerns, including all the details and logistics of the event.  This role also involves policy preparation, strategy formulation, and recommendation to improve the team’s operation. 

Marketing and Advertising Officer

This role is in charge of event communication and advertisement online and offline. It ensures that the events are creatively advertised on different Social Media channels, websites, emails, and other advertising platforms. The Marketing and Advertising Officer develops and maintains your event’s unique brand identity as part of the planning process. To make a memorable event, they’re the ones who come up with unique ideas. They also approve and finalize the promotional designs, logo, and layouts, which will identify the event management team. They are also responsible for the intellectual property management of the team and ensuring that the official event website is accurately updated.

Marketing Designer 

This role, in general, requires artistic and creative skills. They have to be excellent and proficient in design preparation, visual and color composition, and Typography. It is also responsible for preparing the company and event logo, event theme, audio, video production, and other marketing designs and thus should be an expert in design software.    

Sales Management Officer 

They are responsible for establishing a good and strong relationship with their partners, external vendors, and clients, which is significant for company stability. This requires good communication and collaboration skills, both written and verbal. They also prepare and monitor seasonal and promotional discounts to effectively market their excellent event management services. In addition, they are also responsible for the formulation and implementation of sales strategies and vendor accreditation and procurement policies and assure the highest and most professional services and performance that they offer.

Financial Management Officer

This role is responsible for managing the team’s incoming and outgoing cash flows. It oversees and supervises the business plan, budget, and expenses to strategically and effectively utilize the capital. It requires experience in cash flow management and the preparation of financial documents. They are also responsible for ensuring that all documents are managed and stored in an organized way (soft copy and hard copy). Thus, they will be available in auditing to conduct an official financial examination of the team’s account.

Legal Management Officer 

This role is responsible for monitoring all legal affairs and transactions of the team. It makes sure that all team operations comply with the regulations. Ideally, LMO is a lawyer, but it can also be performed by someone knowledgeable about legal processes, business registration, and contract management. In any case that there are disputes internally or externally, the LMO is in-charge of administering the proper legal action necessary.

HR and Administrative Officer 

This role is responsible for the general services needed by each team member. This includes processing salary, bonuses, incentives (if any), and other mandated employee benefits. It also conducts orientation, training, monitoring, and performance evaluation of each member and thus ensuring that each member is well-competent in performing its duties and responsibilities. They are also responsible for recruitment and selection, ensuring that all potential candidates are qualified. The HR/Admin Officer should also prepare recruitment policies and procedures.  

Information Technology Officer

IT Officer is responsible for all devices and equipment being used by the team. This includes desktops, laptops, cellphones, printers, and other electronic devices. It should have a background in basic and advanced troubleshooting and IT software licensing to ensure that all members are being provided with what they need. IT Officer is then required to prepare IT Policies for the safety and security of its equipment.

Event Designer 

The event Designer is responsible for ensuring that the look and ambiance of the event, in general, reflect the event’s theme. They create a floor plan which includes table arrangements, and pathways and supervise the location and the operation of technical functions such as the lighting, sound system, catering area, and the design of the stage. 

Event Photographer/Videographer 

This person is mainly responsible for capturing all significant moments in time. It documents those pictures and videos that will be used in creating photo albums, films, and event highlights. This is more important when you organize events such as weddings, anniversaries, or any celebration that is important to your client because photographs and videos can bring back the good memories, joy, and excitement your client has experienced during the event.

Procurement Officer 

The procurement Officer is mainly responsible for ensuring that all suppliers and services, including the event place, are of high quality and can provide all the needs and demands of the event. It conducts ocular visits to potential and recommended events places and communicates with different vendors and suppliers to negotiate and modify the package inclusions and/or exclusions depending on the event theme, program flow, and duration.

Event Host and Emcee 

The Event Host is in charge of the interaction and communication with audiences, ensuring that they are comfortable and convenient and that all their concerns and queries are addressed and well-provided. Event Host should have a pleasing personality with a positive and welcoming attitude. If the event requires an Emcee, it should have the capacity to hold a microphone and speak before the crowd. This will be the communication channel between the Event Management Team and the audiences and ensures that they are aware of the program flow. Good entertainment skills and a sense of humor an essential factors for this role.

In view of these, you surely agree that all event management team members significantly affect the performance and success of the team.

Thus they have to be professional and effective in fulfilling their roles inside your event team. In that case, do you feel overwhelmed about how you will implement all of these ideal roles of your team?

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