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Building Your Dream Team

Building Your Dream Team


In the world of event business, achieving success is rarely a solitary endeavor. A team of dedicated individuals working towards a common goal is required to bring a vision to life. To ensure a successful transition to EventDraw for your organization, the team you assemble plays a vital role in driving the project forward.

In this blog post, we will explore the key qualities to seek when assembling your EventDraw A-Team. We will also discuss why having the right team members is crucial for a successful implementation.

Let’s dive into it!

Assembling your A Team 

Before you embark on your EventDraw implementation journey, it’s critical to recruit the right people who will drive your organization toward success. One of the top reasons projects fail is the lack of input from team members who will interact with and use the system daily.

To form your “A-Team,” consider colleagues who possess the following qualities:


Building Your Dream Team: Qualities to Look for in an EventDraw A-Team

Dedicated resources

Implementing an enterprise system like EventDraw demands a considerable amount of time, attention, and leadership from you and your team. During implementation, at least a one-hour Zoom call with your consultant and one hour of self-guided learning will be necessary to keep the project on track. It is crucial to select individuals who can prioritize this project alongside their normal day-to-day responsibilities. Ensuring they are not stretched too thin.

Intimate knowledge of your organization’s business processes and priorities

To successfully adopt EventDraw, it is essential to have team members who comprehend the underlying reasons behind this decision. They should possess a deep understanding of your facility’s day-to-day operations. Also be capable of envisioning the long-term benefits that EventDraw will bring to each team.

If your objective is to implement EventDraw across multiple departments, it is crucial to involve the respective department leaders in providing direct feedback on their proposed workflows. Without the direct support and buy-in from these department leaders, there is a risk of encountering resistance.

Natural Learners

When learning a new skill, some people are like screens, while others are like sponges. Screens review new information without retaining it, while sponges soak up information, grasp concepts quickly, and strive to become experts. When assembling your EventDraw A-Team, prioritize recruiting individuals who are like sponges. Additionally, identify those who naturally become sources of answers, as they can serve as internal educators to the rest of your staff.

Technical skills / Proven technology people

If you’re converting from another system, having someone familiar with your event data is crucial to set up your account for success. Their experience in understanding, retrieving, cleaning, and preparing your data can make all the difference in ensuring a seamless transition. Remember the rule: “Garbage in, garbage out.” Therefore, having someone skilled in handling the data will prevent any complications.

Building Your Dream Team: Qualities to Look for in an EventDraw A-Team

Bottom line: 

Your journey to success in EventDraw begins with a solid A-Team. 

Invest the time and effort on the front-end to recruit talented, motivated team members who will become your internal champions.

By recruiting individuals with dedicated resources, intimate knowledge of your organization’s business processes and priorities, natural learning abilities, and technical skills, you can ensure that your team is well-equipped to drive the project forward. Assembling your A-Team will pay off in the long run, as they will become your internal champions and help your organization achieve success with EventDraw.

Remember, success is a team effort, and assembling the right team is the first step towards achieving your goals