Meet EventDraw: An Australian base event floor planning software

Revolutionizing the Cost and Efficiency of Event Floor Planning

Event floor planning experts, Visio Group, have made a significant stride with their latest cloud-based floor plan software application, EventDraw.

This cutting-edge software revolutionizes the cost and efficiency of their existing system, which is already trusted by thousands of clients in Australia and around the world. Event floor planning plays a critical role in determining optimal set-ups, maximum capacities, and ultimately, revenues. It is also vital for delivering exceptional client service. However, navigating the world of event floor planning software can be complex and confusing.

Should you opt for CAD?

Can AV meet your needs?

Do you even need software at all when you can simply rely on a tape measure?

Let’s delve into a better solution.

Why CAD Software Isn’t the Answer

Jay Laybutt, Visio Group Director, sheds light on the misconception surrounding CAD software. He explains, “Often we hear, ‘we have or need CAD software.’ This is absolutely misleading. CAD software is used for designing an Airbus A380, a Boeing Dreamliner, building a tunnel, designing a building, or designing a new car.” Laybutt emphasizes the complexity of CAD software and highlights the major advantage of Visio’s solution: ease of use. With approximately 30 minutes of training, clients can create detailed floor plans using Visio, whereas CAD software demands hundreds of hours of training and falls short in comparison. Laybutt also cautions that incorrect setup in CAD can lead to inaccurate floor plans, causing venues to underestimate their maximum capacities by up to 30 percent. This underestimation can significantly impact revenue potential.

A floor plan for Doltone House

Eventdraw-floor-plan-Doltone House- Jones Bay Wharf Floor Plan

Maximizing Revenue Potential with Accurate Floor Planning

Venues often underestimate their maximum capacities, leading to missed revenue opportunities. For instance, just one extra table seating 10 people, at a venue hosting an average of four events per week, could generate an additional $270,000 per year. Relying on traditional methods like tape measures can be time-consuming, inaccurate, and requires repeating the process for each new event.

EventDraw offers a superior solution.

Introducing EventDraw: A Game-Changing Cloud-Based Software

EventDraw is the result of six and a half years of meticulous development by Visio Group. It takes the best elements of Visio’s Microsoft-based product, which has been refined over two decades, and brings it to the cloud. This move makes the software more accessible, efficient, cost-effective, and faster than ever before. You can even try the software here and experience its transformative capabilities firsthand.

Visio Group’s software can also be used to create floor plans for outdoor spaces

3D stage plan

Cost-Effective and Easy Setup

Gone are the days of expensive licenses and complicated setups. With EventDraw, the pricing is based on the number of templates required by an organization, rather than the number of users. This pricing model has drastically reduced the cost to approximately 0.07 cents per user. Moreover, the cloud-based nature of the software has significantly reduced the setup time, allowing clients to get up and running swiftly.

Streamlined User Experience and Eliminating Outsourcing

EventDraw offers a user-friendly interface that enables users to create millimeter-accurate floor plans effortlessly. It provides access to an extensive inventory of around 3,900 furniture items directly from suppliers like Sydney Prop Specialists and Decorative Events and Exhibitions. With such comprehensive resources at hand, there is no longer a need to outsource floor plans to the AV department. Event coordinators can swiftly create and share floor plans, collaborate with AV technicians, and even allow wedding venues to assign guests to seats on a live electronic floor plan. The software’s intelligence and efficiency save time and enhance client reputation by eliminating unnecessary delays and miscommunication.

Try EventDraw here.

A sample plan for Merivale

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

“If any of our clients were asking for [floor plans], we’d just do a really quick sketch — just drawing it out on a piece of paper and just letting them know. But then we had a client actually come to us and say, ‘We need a proper software PDF floor plan.’ It’s fairly easy, fairly simple, fairly straight to the point. Anyone can use it if they’re not tech-savvy. That’s the one thing I was really scared about – I didn’t want to get software that I had to really think much for. I just wanted to go into the website or the program, do what I had to do and just print it off or send it to the client straight away and not really have to think about it.”

Lorena Garofalo, Quay West Suites Melbourne

“If you don’t have a floor plan, you can’t really deliver the event. It’s also imperative for us to use it to direct people to where they need to go. I don’t use it as much for drawing up room layouts, but in order to say, ‘Okay, you need to walk from P1 to the front of the dome.’ To say that to someone that hasn’t been here before, they’re like, ‘Well, where is that?’ Whereas if you can just quickly mock it up on Visio and send it, they’re [like], ‘Oh okay, yes, that makes sense.’ You can come up with a million ideas but everything’s to scale, so once you drop it on a floor plan everyone knows exactly what fits and what doesn’t.”

Natalie Luzi and Melissa Goodman, Sydney Showground

“One of the other things is, we deal with a wide range or clientele — people that do draw in CAD and send us plans all the way down to people who don’t have anything to put a plan together. So sometimes the girls will put that in onto one of our plans through Visio — simple stuff — so we’re doing that service for them.”

Bernie Serone, Sydney Showground

“What we love about them is we take over quite quickly these spaces and as soon as we contact them we’ve got the floor plan within 24 hours. That team, I think they’re well and truly part of our furniture. Their floor plan requirements in their software is exactly what we need. We haven’t ever had to step outside of that or use someone else’s services. We needed more to-scale event and floor plans. Each one of our venues is so different and unique — they use different shapes and our clients require to-the-tee measurements of the floor plans and the shapes that we have onsite. Our sort of style [of] events and weddings do not allow you to be complacent or lazy when it comes to their floor plans.

They’re a credit to the industry and we’re certainly lucky to have them as part of our contacts for our floor plans because they make it so easy. It can get extremely stressing, especially with the sort of services and requests that we require — they’re always onto it and nothing’s ever an issue for them, which is great. It does put us on a level of professionalism when we can produce a proper floor plan and certainly one to scale, so quickly, especially with quick turnovers and takeovers of venues, it just goes to show how much we truly care about our [clients] and our floor plans and making sure that whatever the client wants within the space can fit. Especially the sort of style events that we do, we have to make sure and illustrate to the client that it can actually fit on the plan.”

Jane Saliba, The Venues Collection