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How does procrastination affect your event planning?

How does procrastination affect your event planning?

As an event planner and floor plan designer, you ensure the full benefit out of your time. You handle serious responsibilities that require good organizational skills and effective time management. One of the most undesirable behaviours is the habit of procrastination. Here are some tips to help you control behaviours that can hold you back from making the best use of your time. 

An Event Planner should have Time Management skills because it is one of the keys to a successful career.

Many people say, “Time is Gold,” and this is definitely correct. Time is even more important than gold because if you waste time, you’ll lose it, and there’s no way of bringing it back. Once you need it, you won’t have it, and you even have to pay for its consequences.

I’m sure you want to impress your clients and establish a remarkable reputation! Aren’t you?

If you are one of those striving to avoid the bad habit of procrastination, you need to manage your time wisely. 

Here are some strategies you can make to be an excellent and time-oriented event planner:

time-oriented event planner

Develop Self-Regulation

We need to balance the emotional and rational parts of our minds effectively. Failing to do so will prevent us from resisting temptation and only lead to more delays in our tasks. This indeed requires good willpower, which will make our rational brain stronger. Our strong willpower paves the way to effective self-regulation and will refrain us from doing something that can lead to procrastination.

Train your Willpower 

Procrastination is not inborn, it develops gradually over time. Therefore, training our willpower through an established habit and good routine will encourage us to be firm with our planned activities. In science, habit is formed through the consistent and regular repetition of our desired action within a specific period of time, and this will eventually become automatic.

This scientifically involves synapses associated with neural pathways, nerve connections and the prefrontal cortex that are the basis of our habits and thinking patterns. It can be developed through good habit formation and constant training of our willpower. This mind development is an important quality that you have to nurture as an influential event planner.

Block Distractions 

Finding the best working environment for your event planning and preparation plays a vital role in your overall performance. This will be effective if you identify and avoid the possible distractions that can cause you to procrastinate. Most distractions are the irresistible checking of social media, emails, text messages or even playing video games. You may tend to browse the internet uncontrollably and that consumes a significant amount of your time, even without realizing it. Keeping your workspace clean and organized can create a perfect mood and positive atmosphere, which affects your focus and concentration in planning your event. 

Create a To-Do List 

When preparing your event plans, a detailed list of your tasks and their prerequisites can equip you in performing your activities within its boundaries. This will increase your productivity and will lessen any redundancy in your work. It will also enable you to prioritize and focus on the much more important activities while refraining from wasting time. Creating a to-do list as the onset and early stages of your event plan allows you to break large tasks down into smaller and more controllable pieces. This detailed planning paves the way for good time management and can help you avoid procrastination.

Develop Right Motivation

Having the right motivation is more powerful than your willpower. When you are doing the tasks you love, you no longer need to push yourself. You can develop the right motivation if you identify and understand your goals and their purpose. Going along the way will help you find joy as you see yourself progressing towards your goals and objectives. Indeed, having a strong sense of purpose, doing things that you are good at and involving yourself in something that you enjoy can help you maintain your balance with the right motivation. This mindset can strengthen your confidence in the preparation of your event.

Have Adequate Rest, Proper Nutrition and Exercise

If you are tired, you will lose the willpower and the right motivation to do the tasks you need to accomplish. Napping can boost your efficiency. Your diet, nutrition, and exercise also play a significant role in maintaining your work and personal life balance. Try to take time for a walk and eat nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables. It will improve your cardiovascular system and mental health. Thus, being mindful of your health and having adequate rest is the key to productivity.

It takes time!

Given these points and factors of consideration, can you see your significant control over your time and yourself? These changes and improvements will not happen overnight.

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Avoiding procrastination is not just the only thing you should think about to have a successful event. Remember that one of the issues that an event planner is facing right now: is surviving the event amidst Covid-19.

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