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Wedding Planner Checklist

Wedding Planner Checklist

The Wedding Day marks the beginning of a lifelong journey with a beloved partner. Wedding events hold immense significance and are cherished by the newly married couple. Handling weddings can be daunting, particularly we are currently dealing with a pandemic.

As an event planner, you have a vital role in planning and managing the wedding day. It is a significant event that requires your expertise and professionalism.

Effective communication and coordination are crucial, especially when addressing the concerns of vendors and clients. Being at the core of the event, you must ensure excellence in your responsibilities.

You should be able to design and prepare a wedding plan that can comply with your client’s desires to be called a “Dream Come True!”.

Now, how can you, as an event planner, make your client’s wedding day to be as remarkable as it could be? 

How can you let your client experience the most out of their special day?

As an event planner, you aim to design, plan, and manage your client’s wedding. From engagement photos to finding and selecting vendors to make checklists and ensure that the wedding day will become successful.

Well, let us take a look at some of the basic principles in managing a wedding event:

Identify and Set a Wedding Budget

As an Event Planner, you must be fully aware that budgeting is where the rest of your planning process depends. After all, it must be heartache when you fall in love with the extravagant venues, excellent vendors, and even gorgeous wedding dresses and then realize that it’s entirely out of your client’s range.

Hence, you have to sit down with your clients, preferably with the couple, and then discuss their overall budget and its allocation with other future expenses.

Know Your Client’s Wedding Theme

Identifying a wedding theme is a significant part of the wedding planning process. Your choice of venue, colours, design and even the setup itself should be in harmony with the wedding theme. You have to think about how your clients want their wedding to look and feel.

• What type of flowers are they going to use?

• What are the stage decorations?

• Are they going to use fresh flowers or artificial flowers?

• What is their preferred wedding colour?

• How are they going to use lights?

• Are there candles perhaps to make it more romantic?

Indeed, knowing your client’s theme will serve as one of your skeletal guidelines in knowing whether you are still in line with your client’s preferences. This can also be the basis of your creative ideas and suggestions, which they must surely appreciate.

Wedding Invites

As an event planner, you value guests’ significant role during weddings since they serve as a support system to the couple. Thus, you have to know the approximate number of guests present at the venue. 

Why? Your event floor setup determines the number of tables, chairs, and arrangements based on expected guests, especially during the pandemic. Ensure a safe and spacious environment for attendees.

Although you might not have a final guest yet until a bit later, knowing the approximate number of guests is important.

In addition to that, other vendors such as the catering services, flower suppliers, and stylists must also be asking for the approximate figures of guests so that they will know and plan ahead accordingly.

Wedding Reception

Once the budget, theme, decorations, and guest count are confirmed, it’s time to choose the perfect venue. Consider the client’s vision and criteria like space, privacy, ventilation, sounds, lights, and view. Couples may opt for garden, beach, or waterfall weddings, but enclosed spaces like function halls, hotels, or resorts are common choices. Additionally, knowing guests’ locations is crucial. As an event planner, it’s your responsibility to ensure the chosen venue fits the budget and plan.

Choose A Wedding Dress

Every bride has their own taste of wedding dress. Of course, all want to be at their best on their Wedding Day. This is true both for the Groom and the Bride. Taking an ample amount of time to look and choose what they feel is the best is very important for feeling satisfied and confident. 

Hence, choosing a wedding dress is ideally done at least six months prior to the wedding. This will give more time for adjustments if necessary. The bride’s wedding dress colour is usually white, typically associated with light, goodness, purity, and innocence. Of course, it will always be up to the couple which colour and style they will choose based on their taste, preferences, and budget.

Choose A Wedding Ring

You will surely agree that wedding rings play an important role in wedding ceremonies. Once the couple exchanged their wedding vows with each other along with their wedding rings, they were making a pronouncement of their eternal and unbreakable bond of lifelong love and marriage commitment. Because of this, your client must be anxious about which type of wedding ring is the best for them. 

Let me show you some of the factors that your client may consider:

Choose a Metal for the Band

The metal used for a wedding band is usually made from yellow gold or white gold. Since pure gold is naturally soft, it has to be mixed with alloys to make it stronger. You can identify its gold purity based on its karat, either 14K or 18K. Gold has a naturally yellowish colour, so to make it appear white gold, it is usually mixed with palladium and nickel along with rhodium coating. For the yellow gold, the alloys used are copper, silver, zinc, and nickel. Your client’s choice depends on their taste, style and budget since there is very little price difference between them.

Choose a Stone and Carat Size

Some couples prefer having a clear diamond stone on their wedding rings. This will indeed give more value to the ring itself. Of course, your client’s choice of metal for the band and carat size depends on their preferences, budget, and style.

Identify the Ring Size

Whether the wedding ring is very expensive or not, no one would want to wear a ring so loose that it can fall off or so tight that it can cut off their blood circulation. Hence, the couple should ensure that they both get their fingers accurately measured.


Select and Book Vendors

It’s now the time for selecting and booking the right vendor and people who will ensure that your client’s big day runs smoothly. This is a serious stage of Wedding Event Planning because this is where most of your client’s budget will go. The success of your client’s wedding depends on the collaborative performance of each vendor.  

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Here are some types of vendors that are commonly hired in Wedding Events:


Meals are an essential part of wedding events; some are even looking forward to it! Yes, you don’t want your client’s guests to be hungry! Of course, after the whole day’s preparation and celebration, having sufficient and flavoursome meals will make that day even more satisfying and enjoyable. 

True, you should not only look for a caterer who can prepare delightful and delicious food, but you should also look at their food presentation. This will be served on your client’s wedding day, so you want to make sure that it is perfect! Aside from that, you also want to confirm if the couple or some of the guests has food allergies so that your caterer can adjust accordingly.

Wedding Photographer

They say that pictures capture a moment in time, but wedding pictures capture a lifetime. It can bring back the people and emotions you felt at that time and even share them with your friends, relatives, and your children and grandchildren. It carries the moments you cherish and the beautiful stories of your special day. Indeed, you want your client to experience that, and an excellent and professional photographer plays an important role in capturing your client’s wedding day.

True, other vendors are important such as food caterers, florists, sounds, and lights, but all of these will be gone after a period of time. However, it captures memories not just for a time but for a lifetime when it comes to wedding pictures.


Having a gorgeous flower arrangement in the venue can add tremendous depth to your client’s wedding. Beautiful flowers and their good fragrance often symbolize love and romance because of their elegance and extraordinary charm and thus are aesthetically pleasing to the one seeing it. 

This significantly contributes to the happiness and satisfaction of the couple and guests. Hence, you have to ensure that your florist can provide the flowers and wedding bouquet that you need on your client’s wedding day. Of course, their arrangement should reflect the theme of the event. 

Most of the couple prefers fresh flowers, but some prefer dried flowers. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and so as an event planner, how would you help your client decide whether fresh flowers or dried flowers are the best choices for them? 

Let’s discuss some of the factors that they can consider:

Fresh Flowers

What could be more precious than having fresh flowers on your client’s wedding day? They say that fresh flowers can make people feel loved, secure, and relaxed, especially with their favourite blooms and scents. It has the power to generate happiness and can significantly affect the moods of those seeing it, and since your client’s wedding day only happens once in a lifetime, you want to bring life to that day!

This is true especially to the Wedding Bouquet that the bride will take as she walks along the aisle while seeing her future husband. A precious moment indeed! But of course, they must also pay the price. It is not a secret that gorgeous flower arrangements and their stylist are pretty expensive, and the flowers themselves will not last long; thus, your client’s budget should also be considered.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are an excellent alternative to fresh flowers because it is much more inexpensive and can last long with low maintenance. As a matter of fact, there are beautiful dried flower blooms such as carnation, hydrangea, and baby’s breath which provide an attractive texture that you can’t see with fresh flowers alone.

In addition, dried flowers are so versatile that they can create a more traditional wedding look that adds to having a more romantic atmosphere and can perfectly fit your client’s venue and theme flawlessly. This unique touch of dried flowers can catch the eyes not just of the couple but as well as their guests. Just be careful not to squish it since dried flowers can easily flake off and thus are not invincible. And don’t forget to tell your client not to throw her wedding bouquet if she uses dried flowers.

Of course, your client can choose to mix and match across both choices of fresh and dried flowers. This can certainly make their venue decorations even more romantic!

Use Event Floor Diagramming Software

This is a must-have tool for Event Planners or Wedding Coordinators like you. This can absolutely help your event management be more efficient. It is specially designed to create beautiful event floor designs that have the power to impress and satisfy your clients!

Event Diagramming Software is a fantastic tool. It can help you organize the wedding plan. Not to mention that most of these tools are free. 

Of course, it matters is that you know how to use it and rapidly adapt to its many excellent functions.

Wedding planners, event organisers, or even DIY brides can efficiently utilize Event Diagramming Software to organize their weddings. See how you can get started with our 3D design program.

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Creating a Successful Event Amidst Covid-19

Creating a Successful Event Amidst Covid-19

If you’re an Event Planner, you’re working on something like a wedding, a party, or even a business meeting. Yet, due to Covid-19 Pandemic, you must establish a detailed strategy to create a successful event. 


Event Planning is a business-based face-to-face interaction. So, Event planners like you began to wonder, Can your business survive these seismic shifts? Nowadays, many people have to cancel or reschedule important events. Such as weddings, parties, and family get-togethers. The Government implemented lockdowns at corporate gatherings in many countries around the world.

Today, the events industry was being forced to adapt in ways it had never done before. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 has made it impossible for us to meet up with friends and family like we used to. Because of this, Event planners had to consider things if it’s still possible to have a face-to-face event in the future. But, keep in mind that adapting to change is an important part of being a successful event planner.

So, if you’re going to create an event, what precautions should you take to avoid Covid-19 and spread it to others? What are the steps that you need to ensure the safety of all your attendees at the event?

Indeed, Organizing an event amid Covid-19 has necessitated a great deal of reworking.

So, this article discusses how to hold successful events during a pandemic. We’ll give you some pointers to get you started on the road to recovery, as well as other helpful information.

1. First, Finding a suitable place should be your priority.

Venue sourcing has always been important to the success of events. Although, today, Event Planners have to consider many factors these days. 

Empty events place

2. Second, As an Event Planner, it’s your job to make sure Venues have a cleaning protocol in place.

Maintaining a clean environment will help to reduce the risk of spreading the Covid-19 infection.

3. Next is to maintain social distance.

Work with a venue that can be adaptable to providing digital assistance or reconfiguring spaces.

4. Make sure your guests know what safety precautions you’ve taken.

The Covid-19 policy should be prominently displayed on your event website so that attendees can review it prior to the event. In addition, you can communicate with guests via email, informing them of any precautions you’ve taken and any steps they need to take before the event.

5. Come up with a registration process.

All guests may be required to submit to temperature screenings, answer questions about vaccinations, and take on-site Covid-19 tests.

6. Provide Swag Bags.

This should have Hand sanitizer and additional masks or Face Shield if needed.

7. Use your imagination. Make a plan for how food will be served during the gathering.

Lunch “grab and go” boxes and social exclusion can be transformed into a picnic in the hotel’s lovely outdoor space. There are numerous solutions to the lunch/dinner dilemma.

8. Make a contingency plan.

A contingency plan that shows when and where things could go wrong and the latest date on which the entire event can be canceled if necessary. 

  1. Can you make changes to the catering order after it has been placed?
  2. How far in advance have you planned to make changes to the number of spaces you’ve reserved at the venue?

    9. Put up some instructional posters in key locations.

    You can put the instructional poster at the entrances and restrooms. This is to educate the public on preventing the spread of the disease. And to remind all employees and attendees to wear face masks covering their noses and mouths to protect themselves from the virus, maintain physical distance, or wash hands regularly.

    10. Consider using an outdoor area at a venue offsite.

    In close contact, the Covid-19 virus can be spread from person to person within about 6 feet by respiratory droplets released into the air. A person can be infected by small droplets or aerosols of the Covid-19 virus for hours after being exposed to them in an enclosed space with poor ventilation. As a result, planning an outdoor event is highly recommended because it allows fresh air to circulate while dispersing the droplets. 

    11. Improved social media marketing engagement.

    Social media marketing is a critical way to cut through the noise in order to boost and reach potential clients due to increased competition within the virtual event space.

    12. Use Event Diagramming Tool.

    Event Diagramming Tool can help you to create table arrangements where people can maintain Social Distancing and create a digital experience for your clients by digitizing the seating process. Because of the pandemic’s impact on how we interact, you should use digital tools to ensure safety and enhance the dining experience for your clients.

    Today, Face masks and hand sanitizers are no longer enough to reassure that your guests are safe.

    As a result, tools like Event Diagramming and interactive floor plans are becoming increasingly popular among event planners.

    EventDraw Diagramming Software can help you follow safety guidelines and provide a safe environment for all guests and employees. Users of this tool can now add custom safety guidelines like the number of attendees per table, table numbering, and the distance between them.

    EventDraw - The Must-have easy to use time-saving solutions for venues and events

    Now you know how to survive your events amidst the pandemic. Why don’t you learn more about the benefits of using Event Diagramming Software? 

    Learn More.