Tips to Train your Event Management Team

As an Event Planner, you surely understand that you are the brain cells of your Event Management Team. You ought to be a good leader and an effective manager of your events. There is a saying that “no man is an island”, which shows that when you run an event, no matter how expert and professional you are, you will always have the limitations of doing all the minor and major tasks of your event. 

Indeed, you have to endeavor to manage a team that will represent your professionalism and reliability in all aspects of your event work.

Your team significantly represents who you are; thus, their performance and clients’ feedback will greatly impact your reputation and credibility.  

This, therefore, requires you to conduct effective training and strategic developmental activities with your event management team. Training is vital when preparing with your team and creating a “wow effect” performance for your clients.

Let us discuss some platforms that you can use in training your event management team:

Reading Materials

As an Event Planner, you must have a lot of pressures you are going through, not to mention your client’s demands, hectic schedule, and deadlines. Despite this, you still need to train your event management team and orient them about the flow and responsibilities that they are expected to do. Reading materials will thus help to fulfill this duty. You can provide it with your team members weeks or even months before the event. This will give your team members more flexibility in their training activities.

Audio/Video Presentation

Visual Presentation is much more powerful compared to the typical reading materials. Your team can effectively absorb all the details of the event if they can see videos, illustrations, and images that depict the actual scenario of the experience that they will have once they are already at the venue. This will help them imagine how they are supposed to respond if they encounter certain situations that may arise during the events, such as emergencies or unforeseen occurrences.

Face-to-Face Training

Face-to-Face Training provides your team members an authentic experience of the actual scenario, and it also allows your team to have an active interaction with you. This will enable you to address all their queries and clarification.

How then will you ensure that your event management team is well-equipped and professionally trained to do all the duties and responsibilities that they are expected to perform? 

Let me discuss with you some of the Event Management Training tips that you can have with your team:

Arriving Ahead of Time

You have to ensure that your event staff is well-oriented and exhaustively knows when they should arrive and leave. Usually, the safest time to arrive is 30 minutes before they are required to be there. Furthermore, it will also give you ample time for your last-minute instructions and enable you to look for a replacement for staff who fail to arrive at the designated time without delays.

Importance of Communication

During the event, you and your staff will not be together in one place since you must be busy at that time and must be assigned to a different location. On this account, communication is of the utmost importance. You have to provide all the necessary contact information such as your team’s phone number, with your team members. This will give your team a way to notify you or the rest of your team in case of emergencies or any problem. 

Training will then be the time to share this important information with your members. In case you’re going to use Radio, you may also provide training on how to use them correctly.

Risks and Emergencies

At the time of an emergency, time is of the essence. This means that your event staff should act wisely as quickly as possible. You and your event staff will be the first person that each attendee will run into at this point. On this account, each of your event staff must be knowledgeable on the protocol or SOP once they were in such a scenario. You may see it necessary to train your event staff regarding first aid, use of fire extinguishers, raising the alarm, and evacuation procedures.

Safety and Security

It is your primary responsibility to ensure that all of your event staff is knowledgeable about the safety and security of the event. Your team should ensure that you can maintain crowd-control accessibility restrictions to outsiders and that all equipment is free from damage. This may also include keeping the parking space safe and clean.

In conclusion, you certainly agree that you are the core of your event management team as an event planner. Your members rely on your wisdom and guidance. Indeed, make time to train your staff. You play a significant role in their career and strengthen your event team in the long run. 

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